Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Apple old tech

I'm considering getting a PowerBook G4 however, I want to find one for pocket change ($60 or $70 maximum) that runs OSX Leopard. Any ideas, blog readers and friends? I've taken quite the interest in Apple's old eMacs, PowerBooks and Iphone 2G/3Gs (not 3GSs, the s is meant to make it plural). I think that old technology from a great company can never be truely outdated and can always be repurposed or refurbished when broken down. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reawakening of UMPCs and netbooks

It seems like the era of Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers is being reawakened. The Sony VAIO micro UX (thier little handheld computer with the slide up screen and wan antennae) is one of the top handheld full-computers that is coming up again and I'm seeing many appear on ebay. Many people are also thinking about Eee PCs, OQO Model 2+s and Wibrain B1s again. All these handheld computers and netbooks bring great portable entertainment features and everything you usually find in a laptop but with that power in something that could fit in your pocket (like a purse or cargo-pants pocket).
Also, though I got my Acer Aspire One netbook quite a while ago and installed Fedora 10 on it, I believe that I was a couple weeks ahead of the curb. Next thing I know, hundreds of people are purchasing Eee PCs, HP Minis, Acer Aspire Ones and Toshiba minis right and left.

Though my reviews aren't even close to those of the richer, more priveleged Engadget, I feel a more personal seasoned-user-to-seasoned-user approach is acceptable.

I love my school

hahaha onfriday I'm going to walk in an hum or sing carol of the bells. Lets see if people join in.
Moeller rocks. Those who have never heard of it, look it up. Its in Montgomery

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, thanksgiving is coming around soon and it looks like it's not gunna snow any time soon. I believe that snow could possibly make this one of the best winters that I could have- and the fact that I may be able to play gaMe with you all again on PC. Considering the fact that I haven't had the ability to play my good old pc games in two years since my current technology isn't capable to handle the games I played. This must be what happens when you overuse your computers. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have to wait until January for my Motorola DROID.
So I guess I'll probobly have more options next year when I choose a phone.
Whenever I think of Android, I think of the portable Terminal emulator that I'll be able to use ON A PHONE along with many of the other awesome linux-based activities I'm used to.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Linux users

Many new linux users out there GO TO MY KNOL and see some of the helpful resolutions to problems along with tips I have for new users. (yes this is a short blog post but it seems necessary as I see many new Linux users being discouraged by ignorant Windows users that they can't do the same things)

New Banner

Found another banner for Fedora Linux (Myfavorite distro of Linux)
Click the title to see it.


My teachers here rock. Haha. Mr.Kindt knows everything about star wars, Mr.Kohls always wins arguments, Mr.Kolkmeyer is young at heart, "Uncle Greg" and Mrs.Elliot are awesome, special and creative, and Mr.McLaughlin is hilarious.

Passion of Christ explanation

Remember the The Passion Of Christ movie? Here's something from
"Christ is coming back to establish his kingdom on earth and He is going to cast Satan into a bottomess pit for 1,000 years."
Remember the end of the movie when Satan was looking up and screaming? Exactly represented by that quote from the site. Although not thoroughly explained in the movie, this is a pretty fair explanation, agreed?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mac everywhere

I see MacBooks and iMacs nearly everywhere these days. When a lot of Alumni come in, they bring thier Macs- which doesn't really help the winblows policy we have going on here. On my bus, we'll always pass a house with a big window in the office where some lady will always be using her big 24" iMac. When I go down to see a movie and then walk around the "Streets of WC" there's usually some people in the Cafe`s using Macbooks or, when its warm out, sitting outside.
If only I could join this. I would really like a Macbook- mainly for software tinkering and development purposes- but also for College maybe? That would surely rock. I'm sick of only seeing a part of the spectrum (Solaris, Windows, Linux, -no mac experience- here) I'd love to at least get maybe a Mac Mini and toy with it here, however, as I am not of the age to get a job anywhere yet, I'll have to put my hopes on hold as I usually must.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Here

No, I am not always here.
So don't always think that I'm here.
Why I'm scheduling random posts for this week I'll never know...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yay! Great

I love it when the next day is a school B-day (we have an A-DAY/B-DAY schedule here at moeller).
Usually I can play games and have more free time when I get home!
And to you all, my gamertag is a88SUPAKILLA and my twitter is Algamer.
This rocks.


Beware his randomness.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Thinking of selling my 8.9" screen Acer Aspire One on ebay so I can upgrade to a newer 10.1" one. that would be nice.

Fall Ball

Well, it didn't turn out AMAZING but it still was pretty fun. The Moeller Fall Ball was a blast although it left me quite tired. Evan brought his "ladyfriend" and I brought my BFF. She and I were going to eat at Red Robins and we had to wait for 15 minutes which was a pain in the arse. Afterwards, however, my mom picked us up (yes I'm a loser cuz I can't drive) and we went to the Fall Ball. There were many friends there as well as another BFF whose girlfriend broke up with him which must've sucked. A lot of my great Moeller friends showed up and I ran around talking to every one of them. It seems that everyone was having a great time except Wick H, since some [retarded] freshman put gum in his hair when he was dancing. I feel that frosh got what was coming to him, however. Anyway, it was an AWESOME event and who knows? MAYBE NEXT TIME I'll remember my camera.
A lot of my friends were cute with thier GFs dancing around together. Life rocks.

I'm Bored

I'm sure many of you readers can tell that at the moment.
I really don't update this as much as I should.

Too many

A lot of newcomers to Linux may be confuzzled as to why there are soo many choices for Linux Distrobutions- also called "Flavours"- out there. Well the answer is quite simple. There are just too many communites with differing opinions on what a Distro of Linux should have on it.
Take Ubuntu 9.04 for example. This community- along with Canonical- agrees that the interface should be simple, easy to use for Linux newcomers and clean of too many desktop icons. I agree with that opinion, therefore I use it.
However, since many newbies also use Ubuntu- it has become a "general" distro for gaming, working and many other activities.
Usually I make short little blog posts and this is no exception. If you want to find out more about what kinds of linux distros are out there, click the post title.


I don't like .bin files.
never have. Why people like Google, Sun or Oracle make them, I'll never know.They don't automatically open or install. No. You have to build them yourself. PITA of the day

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hmm. When you're entirely bored, sometimes NOTHING will appeal to you. No video games, no internet activities, no sports, no physical activities, nothing.
Wierd. I'll get like that every once in a while. That feeling is just horrible.


Being tired never really helps anyone when they need to be awake, does it?
In the morning, everyone needs to be awake to learn, yet some of us get up at 5:00am.
However, we carry on- to play ODST or GoW2 when we are done with our day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Knol

I made a Knol that keeps together some of the experience I've earned through life while tinkering and modding and customizing things. Check it out here:

Life is fun

Life is, truely fun. Photos, art, Halo 3 ODST, Gears of War 2, Xbox club every other thursday, my girlfriend, movies, Frisbee, Ubuntu Linux and Fedora Linux tinkering, Gadget obsessing, did I mention Halo 3 ODST?, DeviantART, LIFE.
 I love life. All you techies out there, live life to the fullest and let us make great contributions to the world.

Friday, October 2, 2009

M$ goodbye

Why do I hate Microsoft? Hmm. Maybe the shitty, unstable, freezing-constantly operating system? Or maybe thier unreliable Xbox 360 Service? I don't think I'll ever use Windows once I get out of highschool. Maybe once a week for gaming, but other than that NO. I love Linux and love how easy and simple it is to use, along with the simplicity of Macintosh. Yes, I may have grown up using Windows, but now I have outgrown it. Windows IS NOT ME. Linux is more my style for now. Maybe using a Mac for college might suit me? Anyway, the only reason I ever do use Winblows is for school. After my homework and projects are finished on my school tablet, I'll open up that old-but-kickin' Gateway laptop I still own and rock a cup of Ubuntu.

M$ BS once again.

Stop trying to takeover the internet, operating system and cell phone markets Microshit!!!! Seriously!!! STOP. Bing will hopefully never overthrow the google we know and love

Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm going with my friend nate to the park after school today to take some really neat pictures with our new cameras. Lol, we're going to be like two kids in a candy store.
This is going to be great fun.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lenovo X61 Issue

Today I helped a kid- lucky for him- even though I didn't do much, before he went down to the help desk.
It just so happens I work on the help desk during B3 (it was b1 when he went).
He was about to walk out the door when a sentence caught his attention, "I may help you, I also work on the Help Desk" from me. lol
Anyway, he walked over to my desk and I analyzed the problem. One or both of his internal antennae wires must be getting pinched, as his internet connection only stays on for a maximum of 2 minutes.
I emailed them the issue to help them so they wouldn't have to ask any questions as he walked down.
haha, then Mr.Kindt applauded me and said "yay! Hey, you tried.".
I love my teacher.
Our tablets are X61 Lenovo/IBM Tablets for anyone out there wanting to know.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Woo. I don't even know what to blog about. Creative, huh?
Some guys are talkingabout bodily hair, geico commercials and football players. wow. Welcometo my odd Mentor Group.
Micheal Puma will always bring entertainment to people's days. hahahahahaha


"we lost greg"
hahaha he mst'vebeen roaming the halls

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WOAH that was a lot

I think that was the most work that I've ever accomplished in a LONG time. 8 pages of non-stop LONG-ANSWER questions and other challenging things. Thank gGod its over.
I feel soo much better already.
World, beware of working alone- I've learned today that a partner is necessary

Eventually it shall

If you click the link on this title, you'll know what I'm mentioning.
Who agrees that Google Wave looks amazing? I do. Just like thier huge Google Chrome success, Google should probobly get an even larger following once Google Wave is available to the public. At the moment, I have word that it is only available to certain developers and mods that are working on extending its functionality and interconnecting it with blogging services and web games.
I'm sure Facebook might play a role in developing for Google Wave too, but it has been made clear that they won't share when the release will specificly be yet. Either way, hopefully Wave comes out within the same month as Google Chrome OS. I've been checking out Developer previews of that and it looks a tiny bit like gOS's Cloud operating system, though I'm sure it's all Google.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Owl City makes me high

Just listening to Owl City's music (like Early Birdie, This Is The Future and Strawberry Avalanche) gives me a happy feeling to brighten my day.
It just somehow seems that I always know that Adam Young's music is always there for me. Yes, it may seem that he's my "man-crush"- as I have been talking non-stop about his amazing music and electronic-enhanced beats and his soft airy- by airy, I mean soft but high at the same time- voice. I don't really have much to type about this, I just love his music and thought I could tell the world about an AMERICAN dance/electronic/pop artist that's out there!
Thank you iTunes free songs!


Ah, tomorrow is a nice relaxing school B-Day (aday, bday).
My religion teacher rocks. I'll be bringing in my advanced-amateur camera to school on wednesday. wootness. Also, those who feel that they have a question for me or an idea for me to blog about, feel free to discuss it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Got a look at the coolest map for ODST. I can't wait until its out I'll FIREFIGHT through the night.


Verizon is going to get the Palm Pre and other cool all-in-one smartphones in a couple months!!!
click the title of this post to find out.

Any Ideas?

Any Moeller or other tech school students that want me to post any solutions on here?
I can fix most SOFTWARE issues with Windows Vista Business or Home Premium.

School again

Well, looks like we're all back in school again. I love moeller but it seems that some teachers aren't always as great as others. The freshmen are a little odd, then again weren't we last year?

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Though most 4+ hour drives to areas for vacation are quite boring, there's usually a way to not be bored most times. Only-Children, of all people know how to entertain themselves best. Since we've been bored many times in our lives and find either technological, spritual, social or other forms of entertainment to suit our needs when we seem bored or down. For instance, I am a tech geek so I'll bring a laptop and netbook on vacation along with some little game system and my smartphone.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Philosophical thought

We all feel like MLK jr or nicholas copernicus sometimes, or maybe our own kinds of philosophers. Even though my blogs may say that thier usually about books, technology and video games- they really are like my online journal.
At this moment, I have one of my "Philosophical or testable theoretical moments of the day" and ask: What is space? If we can be represented as one stepping stone of life, where are the others? Out THERE?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ah, social networking

WOW. Twitter and facebook while multitasking and blogging can be quite fun.
Also, can anybody say "look how far we've gotten"?
The progress that we've made soo far in our lifetime with our technological advances- both in the internet and in physical consumer technologies- like the netbooks craze, The release of the amazing iPod Touch and the iPhone. We've also gotten quite far in terms of portable computer size and weight- especially weight, considering those old 20-pound, 19" screen behemoths hurt me side.
I've seen many advances in Google's company too, for instance thier new Chrome OS is sure to attract a lot of attention from Microsoft.... once its available.
Anyway, back to the reason why I titled this blog as I did- Mainly I was on twitter, updating my status and I saw that a couple of the trending topics had to do with technology, facebook and our economy. Usually when there's trending topics, something bad has happened- having to do with each of those topics. However, this time it just so happened that the one having to do with our technology is mainly from professional bloggers- using twitterfeed- who were talking about how we've gained such a strong foothold in the world's major powers, mainly through our use of techology. I can't remember what I read, or what time it was, but I do also know from personal experience that our country has gone through some rough AND righteous times and we've prevailed.


Dad said to me one day- probobly to just be funny- "One day you'll wish that you were as philosophical as your father, son". lol
Probobly. However, considering the circumstances that many of my facebook posts AND the ways that I think of things today are "up there" when compared to many other teens- most who are immature still. I think of this earth as only one stepping stone for life. We think that we are HUGE and important here on our one tiny planet, however, we are nothing compared to the vast galaxy out there.
I may wish that I'm as philosophical as you dad? Maybe I'm already on my way.
Then again, seeing as how many of the family members on my dad's side of the family are creative, artistic, spiritual and deep-thinkers, I do believe that I'm destined for greatness like many of them. :) We'll see how far I get throughout life.


Life seems to be going pretty well, except for the fact that- probobly like many mothers- my mother is quite a nag and still NEVER lets me have my way perfectly. Well, if she wants to be that selfish about keeping me here before I go to college, maybe I should just not stay at home as much anymore?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


One of the best responses I've heard in a long time is "Sleep it off".
Only mentioning this because I have been attempting to recover from nearly-all-night-Hardcore-Halo-3-Gaming-sessions and the pressure of going up to Big Robot Cafe with the gang is killing me.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Wow. Anyone out there know any east ways to fall asleep. At night- especially when company is over- I am expected to go to sleep. For the past couple nights I've found it hard to fall asLeep...
The tech-related part of this is that usually I'll either read or check my gmail before falling asleep at 2:00AM most of the time and the Xbox 360- although it is amazing- doesn't usually bother my sleep much.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The argument will never die

Brought up by an anonymus persona again today, this argument will probobly never end.
Which is infinitely better: Windows or Open-Source GNU/Linux Operating Systems?
I'm sure both have their upsides or downsides and I'd love to elaborate but- as I have a social life to uphold at the moment- I don't have enough time.
I'm sure someone with a lot more freeeeeeee time like Unionhawk (Evan) would certainly love to explain his biased view on both, but seeing as he doesn't use Fedora Linux or OpenSolaris on a daily basis, I doubt that he could give a fair view.
He and I, though, should get together sometime and- when Google Wave is out- publish the conversation as a blog post.

ANyway, my family at the moment is noisely playing Canasta and I do believe that my Xbox 360 upstairs could be calling my name. Soo long and see you again, fellow bloggers!


Hello everyone! Once again, I haven't blogged in quite a while. My family is over and spenting some time with us before 4th of July so we can all party. I've been showing them my netbook, iPod Touch and iphone-like touchscreen phone.
Great times shared by all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pandora's coming!

WOO. Maybe the new Pandora handheld Linux console will be available sometime during or after Fall this year! However, it will have to compete with the PSP Go which is coming out at the same time, but with less features than the pandora and a bigger price tag attached... Anyway, I'm sure the guys won't have a problem pulling off it all once thier first shipments are done!

New Update

Wow. I apparently have not blogged in a long while! Well, here's my new update then! Currently, I'm out of school (woo hoo) and doing summer P.E. which isn't always the most fun. Going on a marathon bike ride on friday with my P.E. class and hopefully going to have a fun time. The last week of P.E. (next week) I am going to Kentucky for a mission trip to create a camp for young kids. Helping people is quite fun. Also, I have an Acer Aspire One now and am thinking of giving my old FatTop away so I can make room for a ThinkPad with either Fedora 11 or OpenSolaris installed on it, depending on how I feel I'll use it. Well, that about sums up everything soo far. Have a great summer, readers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

In class

Wow I haven't blogged in a long time. Hello everybody! I've found a funny nerd test online a while ago and my friend keeps on trying to get the worst grade possible. So far he's gotten only a 4 and I've gotten a 64. Here's the site:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For those of you who are fond of sharing 2 large monitors but want to keep thier 2 computers hooked up, WE'VE BEEN GIVEN A SOLUTION!! For openSUSE (i love it) and Mac users out there, here's a helping hand from a fellow blogger on how to use 2 screens, with 2 computers but one keyboard and mouse!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


WOw. I blog or tweet a lot of random things when I'm bored. Well, this internet here sucks so there is no possibility that I will be able to get to iCloud anytime soon..... But HEY, my cousin's boyfriend is nice!

O well

A lot of people don't really care much about anything these days. Well, lol, so do i. I'm tired of arguing with ignorant people who will never give any of my revolutionary ideas a thought. Eventually I'll make a change and they'll be grateful for it, but I'll never remember them. Revenge is a bitch, eh? :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love music. Don't you? I truely do believe that the music you listen to and the environment around you can enhance or damage your views on art or how you create art. For example, if you just went parasailing (like I did) and want to now draw or photoshop up a drawing of water or the ocean, you'll have a good image to work with.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here's 3 questions for all of you out there to answer....
Why do you use M$ Windows?
Is it because it works?
Do you only use your computer for work and the internet?
I believe I use my computer for school and for movies (Hulu, since there is no CD/DVD drive in our tablets) as much as anyone else out there but I surely would love to have Elive ( or Fedora ( on it more than this shitty windows Vista operating system.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

For when you're bored

HELLO people out there!
I've found something for when you are bored!


Ah, how I hate that anxious sense of pending homework.
Things that you put off for a while and also those things you never want to do.
I'm probobly never going to fully enjoy this Spring Break until I finish it all.
However, there are always things that you could use as excuses, even though that wouldn't help me in any way....
by the way, on the 11-hour-seemingly-endless-at-the-moment car ride here I could had possibly done my homework even though I was too lazy. HAD A MOBILE BROADBAND CARD but didn't put it to the best use...

internet connections

OK! Never mind!
My last Tweet said how much I hated the internet here down in Florida (spring break) and it seems that we were connected to another place's network.
Now our hotel network's connection is back up and running. This is most likely because of the storm outside....

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Lol. Using my mom's Windows XP netbook with dad's Sprint Mobile Broadband card that his company gave him.
WHen I get a macbook I should see if Verizon has Mobile Broadband cards that work with Macs.
As of right now I have to be on Blogger on this computer since Mobile Blogger is screwing up on my phone.
Oh great now my parents are bealtching ( dont know how to spell it)
Evan (Unionhawk) and I are both in the car on our way to Florida.
Eventually I'm going to watch another movie on my netbook or CrapTop though.
Once again, YAY FOR DAD and his amazing company broadband card!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreaming of the future

I was daydreaming- like most people do these days- today and it just so seemed that I was on my netbook, thereby inspiring the thoughts of "What computers will I have?", "What OSes?", and "What would my lifestyle be?"
However, many teenagers who are freshmen like me or Sophomores in High School still seem to think or dream the same way.
However, I don't know much about Lifestyles so I just skipped to the more exciting part of the pondering thought.
SO, I- hopefully- imagined me having an iMac in my house as my main Desktop computer and then an old ThinkPad T40 that is either running Fedora 10+ or Linux XP. Next to that on the desk, as I recall from the thought, was a Macbook. The Macs I would use as my main computers while using the Linux one when I'm bored or if I feel the need to engage in my Software-Modding hobby a bit more.
Then, I would also have a Windows (shitty, I know) Desktop for those very few things that people require WIndows for in thier life- and finally the Acer Aspire One that I am typing on right now would hopefully still be with me. However, years have shown what can happen to a constantly-used computer.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Three overplayed songs I love anyway

Poker Face by Lady GaGa

Although random, very fun to listen to at times.

Professional Party People by Basshunter

Really good song, in terms of my appreciation for Dance

Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

great song, although not recommended by some, it can be great English Class material

Here We Go!!!

Wow. I've been blogging a lot recently....
Oh well! It's great for your literary skills if you blog a lot, I heard. By the way, does anybody out there know about when the ModBooks (MacBook made tablet) are going to have actual keyboards? I'd love that.... If they were just like the Moeller High School tablets (Lenovo X61) then that would suffice my need for a keyboard.
Also, this post is mainly titled Here We Go because I'm listening to Professional Party People by Basshunter over and over again fo no reason whatsoever.

Internet issues

For some reason, the MacBooks at best Buy automatically go back to demo mode if you leave them how they are for too long..... therefore it was hard to sign into
Well, now that I know this, I'll probobly bring a netbook of mine and connect to thier wifi stream (or attack into it if encrypted) if I need to blog on the go.
I know that Mobile Blogger acts up whenever I do a long post from my phone via TXT however whenever I get on the internet from my phone, it works perfectly.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Live how you want

Remember everyone! What you do in high school effects your choices for college. I've seen come screwups, but make sure that YOU'RE not one of them. I'm pretty sure that 99% of all Moeller Grads are going to college. However, Lakota West OR East could be a different story.
Well, I hope for the best when I have a future life.
Hopefully I'll live in NYC or some big city that's awesome and have a macbook and hopefully be a designer.


GOOD JOB, DELL!!!! I mean, many people out there ho use Linux usually have a low budget like me, but making your ONLY XPS LAPTOP that supports Preinstalled Ubuntu very pricey (almost $1000+ at an OK configuration). I mean, ANYONE can get a Ubuntu, Fedora or openSUSE-equipped ThinkPad on eBay for around $400 or less and here one of the top computer-reselling companies out there is selling thier ONLY CD-drive equipped Linux Laptop for above the average Linux Computer cost. Then again..... has VERY pricey Linux-equipped laptops and CLAIM that they didn't purchase a Windows License.

Forced Learning

Sometimes I think that the stubborn people out there who only see a few good things in an OS and stick to it should just go back to school. In my perfect world, EVERYONE would know enough about computers to perform basic self-support and Electronics Companies would sell computers (that are over $150) for a minimum of $100 less than what they sell for today so everyone can afford one. Yes, I may sometimes be very ignorant of OTHER ignorant people, like obsessed windows-centric people, but at least me and a couple of my Linux followers have SEEN THE LIGHT in Linux (Fedora + Ubuntu) and Macs.

The world of underinformed computer users

It sometimes "urks" me that a lot of people out there are just soo- literally- retarded when it comes to computers. The many facts or opiinions that: 1. Many Acer Aspire One users don't know that they can use an external CD drive to install stuff 2. Many people who own Shitows(Windows) computers don't even know WHAT an operating system is. 3.Many Mac users are still rocking the PowerBook G4 and think it outperforms some of today's computers 4. WHY DO ALL THOSE UNDERINFORMED OBLIVIOUS IDIOTS OUT THERE NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT LINUX? IT'S LINUX, MAC, AND WINDOWS- NOT JUST MAC AND WINDOWS!!! Linux gives the user freedom...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I love this blog:

Even though it was posted a long long time ago, the comments section totally supports my ideas on M$.
Why is it abbreviated as M$? Well, even though Apple makes thier computers very expensive, AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT CLOSED-SOURCE SHIT!!! Apple makes it easy to write code for thier OS and also include many applications that most Windows (also known as MicroShaft Shitows) computers are missing out on.
Linux, better yet, works on any system, supports millions of programs and can also out-do Microsoft in the area of a Developer Community!!!!
If you're more interested in Linux, look into Ubuntu or Fedora.
If you're an idiot who likes microsoft, go and get enslaved by B.G.'s super-controlled OS.


It keeps on snowing over here by Moeller on and off. First it starts THUNDERING DOWN SNOW andthen stops. The 2nd time, the white bliss slowly fills the skies and rains down like time has been slowed. HOWEVER, NOW IT IS WHIRLING DOWN through the clouds and still amazes me.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Grr. Why doesn't twitterfeed always work?


While many things out there may cost you a lot of money and in the end you STILL have to buy more software for it, Linux distrobutions are different. Some like Fedoraand Elive are a few that come with free Office software and many other applications.
However, I'm only describing it lightly.
There's soo much to talk about in soo little timethough.
(My left side of my spacebar is broken if you see bad spacing)
I have installed many Linux distros on my old Gateway 7405gx "CrapTop" but Linux Mint and Elive are the two est ones I've seen so far. By the way, for any of you who know nothing at all about Linux (Or Linus Torvalds, the creator) I must inform you that a Linux DISTRO(distrobution) is a full operating system. Since Linux is Open Source though, many distros with varying GUIs exist out there even though Ionly know a few of them.
Here, I'll list the very few I know of. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, nUbuntu, Xubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Elive, CentOS, Gentoo, Knoppix, Parsix, Linux Mint, Slackware, Damn Small Linux, Debian and PC_LINUX_OS.


Yay!! I can post to twitter through my blog!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Freedom of Communication

We should WAKE UP as citizens!!! Think of it!! You're all under control of the media!!! We see only what News Networks, governmentally-funded corporations and negativelly enhanced media want us to see. Worse yet, now our OWN GOVERNMENT is spying on US just to remain in power!! Freedom in the USA? more like supression! The government wants to stay in power and therefore they would most likely reject any ideas of internet-related reform. OUR internet? They think THEY own it!!!! The internet is a public acess area for anyone to freely express thier opinions, however, I think we're a long way off from fully using OUR internet network. LET'S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM OF COMMUNICATION!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's retarded how we have soo little access to anything at school. For english class I need to listen to my music and find the meaning of the songs but I CAN'T considering the facts that I forgot my iPod Touch and that Pandora is blocked. Many of the antiproxies are blocked too. I find it that they want to control SOO much of what we do, yet give the teachers and faculty access to everything!!!! Eventually an employee will feel sorry for us....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What I've really been wanting lately is a ThinkPad (the kind that the Seniors have at Moeller) and to install either Xubuntu or Fedora 10 on it. However, I am totally an all-out KDE fan, especially with the new release of PCLinuxOS 2008.11! Hmm, It seems my Xbox 360 and PC Video Gaming days are over.... Hello homework and Linux!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I would do if I had to give away a million dollars

I would give half of the million to O.L.P.C (One laptop per child) because I have believed in thier philosophy for providing children in developing countries with an education and a low-cost laptop for a long time. The other half would go to Linux Developers (mainly groups like Fedora, E-Live, and Linux Mint) so they can get an even better headstart on out-doing Microsoft's reign of evil. ...I really hate Microsoft and how they put thier OS users under THEIR power so we must use anything that ONLY works with windows and whenever we try to do something they don't like, like oh install Linux as a dual-boot system, they DON'Thave our backs. Ever heard of the shitty BSOD? yea, Linux & Macintosh users have never heard of it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I demand Everybody in the world must bomb Microsoft

Everybody in the world must bomb Microsoft
Linux is the future!!! Free, inspiring software and stuff FOR FREE!!! Beat that, dumbass B.G.!!!

All Macbooks (and Pros) will be $500 less for the next century
Why should someone pay soo much for something that's awesome DURING A RECESSION?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I will go up to my room and hold them off with an axe and a wooden sword.

I'll spend my golden years in New York City, NY

I would love to be in a large city, surronded by the greatest technology, fashion and design stores in America. I've wanted to go here for a long time and it only seems natural to retire there. I know this may seem like an odd choice since it's such a bustling city but I surely get more excercise around there than relaxing by mertle beach.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Songs that will help you through a breakup (Plinky)

Mobile Blogger sucks

Mobile blogger never works!! the two below posts were sent from my phone and as yo ucan see, nothing happened correctly!!!!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

At school. Finished math test. Am very happy for what is waiting for me when i gets home.
I'm bored and homework-checking isn't always exciting.


Today is another day.
Kind of boring, kind of not.
Don't want to go to the inevitable German class since I'm afraid I messed up the homework.
O well. At least I feel better about my designing skills because the people in my Confirmation classes liked my unique logo design that I created for our group- we chose my name, the Celestial Society.
Just another day! :)
At school. Kinda bored, kinda not.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

OK. Well ourchurch thing is done and we're goiing home. Well, i think i'll force my kid to go when im a dad just to see how long he'll stay awake.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ode to the music

By Alex Seibenick

Flowing around you, it blows through your hair.

Feel the bass pump around you, feel the music and be one with the music.

Techno and Dance are just a few wide genres of the melodies that you see.

Amazed at the wonderous ecstasy that is all around you, colors are melding into the liquid blend of beat and rhythm.

At last, peace drifts over you and the music swirls around you like the moist fog of the early morning when the sun rises over the horizon.

Grasp the scents of vanilla, combining with the sweet fragrance of roses as you drift into the void of everlasting happiness while dancing your heart out to the mystic beats of the DJ.

Growing hotter and hotter, the light waves melt into the sound as your grip with reality loosens.

Colors swerve into waves, your passion for dancing grows even tighter. Nothing else, dance or die are the only choices as stopping would upset the momentum.

With the change of the tempo, the beat slows down and as the next song comes on you begin to gravitate towards the speakers and your vision blurs.

Like a drunk trying to find his way home, you stumble off of the stage and begin to wonder how you fell under the music's spell.

Usually resisting the temptation to let loose, you gather yourself and get back on stage just as the song ends.

Even the strongest wills can be easily broken. As the music begins again and you feel the beautiful, intoxicating, exhilarating mist of colors and sound drown out everything else you realize what's happened.

But it's too late.

You're consumed.

Every day of your life since then, you miss those beats and those feelings.

Society has changed you and you're no longer that fun loving human based upon music that you once were.

Sorrow as deep as the Pacific Ocean fills your heart, as you miss those glory days of the ecstasy you felt during the dance clubs at night.

No longer are you happy, sitting at your desk and staring into the monitor of your Sony VAIO.

While daydreaming of your past life, your son comes up to you.

Finally it is time. Maybe your children can relive that life.

Let the beat take you

As the beat goes on.

The MacBook AIR, Peek, HTC Touch Pro, Palm Pre, Acer Aspire One with Linux and Eee PC 900A are pretty cool.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's the end of your Junior year and you are told you will be house captian next year. What will you do with that power?


I would create FUN DAYs when everyone could literally wear whatever they wanted- as long as they have undergarmets and a shirt/shorts on-

and everyone would be very happy.

I would also make sure that the little guys weren't picked on as people who do dumb things- although I gottaluv him, Evan can do some stupid things- were when I was a frosh. I'd try to censor that as much as I could from our school.

I would certainly not be a great house captain because whenever I am given power, I always go insane and power-controlling. Whenever I used to post with my friends on my Forum, I would control anything I didn't want happeneing, no matter what they thought.


Wow. many of the mobile blog posts are screwed up. THANKS GOOGLE.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm ACTUALLY NOT BORED AT ALL and having fun for once in my life.
Well this is stupid....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello world! This is from my phone! :)


I think I'll eventually get an amazing gift in the mail or just happen to be the lucky SOB who will eventually win the lottery one day!
If so, then I'd TOTALLY get:
a Macbook Pro (17-inch)
2 iMacs
a Peek
a Palm Pre + Simply Everything plan
a M16 assault rifle and a license for it
another dog
another dog
a 20-foot screen to put on the basement wall + projector
5 Linux laptops + 2 Red Hat subscriptions (1 laptop and an iMac)
a PS3
and finally
Another lottery ticket.
After that I would give the rest to OLPC and Unified for Unifat.

The Decisions

Though I will get a Linux netbook very soon, I STILL DO want a macbook. For crying out loud, THEY'RE ONLY $1000 MINIMUM!!! That's moderately cheap in the designer world!!!
That's not a bad price!!!
I will most likely always want one until I buy the 2.4 Ghz Model (with 4GB of RAM of course) and install the Adobe Design Premium CS4 Suite on it.
Then my obsessions about the laptop in itsself will go away and I'll have the most wonderful times playing games and photoshopping on it and GIMPing and internet-browsing on the Linux netbook.
The Acer Aspire one that I'm looking at from eRacks, as mentioned in the below post, is a very good computer.
The finest Linux netbook that I've found in a long time, if I may say so myself.
But, and I know Unionhawk will be on my ass about this, I have been shown the light of Macbooks from an early age- around 8 or 9 at the earliest i think- by my wonderous cousin jeff. If his abilities are easier expressed on a Mac THEN SO BE IT I will get one eventually. I'm thinking of getting one for when I go to college- if I go to Carnegie Mellon. I heard in my mentor group from Will B. that there is some lucky grahics designer that got accepted there and the lucky "SOB" says that besides the hard work that he expected, he's having the time of his life.
I know when peoples'strong I-will-always-win argumentative mode comes into play, I should proboboly stop the argument but my works of art and many of my hobbies even in my early life have been embedded into computers.
I will always love Windows even though I believe that it is time for me to move away from it. I installed Linux Mint on our old high-performance-for-Linux-and-Windows-XP-only "fattop". Now I have 2 Windows computers and my first, but not last, Linux computer!!! The netbooks that I'm looking at with either Ubuntu Linux or Fedora 10 Linux preinstalled are those below-mentioned Dell Mini 9s and Acer Aspire ones. Though the MSI WIND with Fedora or Xandros looks very tempting at a lower price, I'm sure that it's pearl white surface would be ruined with stains in less than 2 weeks.
Well, I think I'll get crackin on some more homework now. see you, my fellow readers and techies!!!


I should probobly stop saving all my good random picture-filled posts for the Collaboritive blog.
Oh well.
I had a great day at school even if it may sometimes be annoying to come home to a unending-nagger mom and a nonstop-rub-my-belly dog but things usually work out.
Note: I am not saying that my mom is horrible, I am just stating that no matter how much I love her and she loves me, it just seems a little bit annoying to have her nag me every day of my life.
By the way, I'm saving up for a Linux Netbook.
Readers, comment DELL for the first one or ACER for the second.

Dell- 4-cell battery, Ubuntu Linux or M$ XP, 64GB SSD (most expensive storage upgrade), Bluetooth, Wifi a/b/g, webcam.

Modified Acer Aspire one- 6-cell battery, no bluetooth but REALLY good wifi a/b/g reception. THIS ONE COMES IN BLUE. Also comes with choice of Ubuntu 8.10, Fedora 9 or 10, OpenBSD, Xandros, M$ XP, Red Hat and many more. Webcam also.

Freetime/Daily life

Even though I should have done it at home, I finished my math here at school. Now I'm- oddly- rembering all of the shortcuts that I know for Macs, Windows, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and OpenSolaris for some reason... I have too much knowledge of Operating Sytems out there if you ask me. Sometimes you just wish that your mind would stop wandering or AT LEAST SHUT UP so you could sleep, right? Not so with me. However, I'm sure there are many of you our there whose minds never stop thinking. I know it's annoying, join the club! lol. Well, now my bluetooth on my computer is on again and Tanner's retarded phone keeps on trying to connect to my computer and many guys are saying retarded things but still, that's daily life in School. Although it's odd at times, I love my school. Though I should probobly be blogging and writing DA journals in my freetime, it feels better to do it now. lol. -out-

Monday, March 16, 2009


Don't you just hate it when you thought you saved something and you didn't? Nate did and I didnt, therefore, I am without a picture for our next B day. :(
O well. It's easier to remake it in GIMP Mint or Photoshop CS3/FLASH CS3 anyway.

Life Experiences

All those services like Twitter and Brightkite and all of the other blogs like n my DeviantART, on Facebook or for the Collaborative Blog usually require my attention more than this blog but o well.
Too all of my readers, I say hello! Today is another wonderful B day in school and everything seems to be runing smoothly.
I self-installed (not professionally) Linux Mint on my old Gateway laptop finally and even though the internal broken wireless adapter doesn't work, it still seems to work beautifully.
Especially the desktop effects like "Desktop Cube", "3d windows" and "open/close effects".
Linux always grows to suprise and entertain. Whenever I'm not on my school computer, I'm usually using 3d Rendering programs and GIMP on my Linux Computer now. :)
To all of those Windows Users out there, I tell you that Linux (especially Xandros, ubuntu and Linux Mint) Distrobutions are very easy to switch to.
As I've learned, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN. Learning and researching what you want to choose for the future will always come in handy.
Everyone has thier own life experiences, and these are a couple of mine that come from the electronics category.

Monday, March 9, 2009

new Journal

Nice journal that I just wrote on my D.A. and I'm too lazy to rewrite or paraphrase it: HERE

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Gosh. Did I ever mention how much I hate homework? Wow. In all of my classes I get one or 2 things for homework but in deutsch klass, I get 4 OR 5!!!! O well. They'll all be completed eventually.... I hate having that procrastination gene. Also, I have Confirmation classes tonight AT 6:30. woo yay, let's RUSH to get homework done!

Thursday, March 5, 2009




Apparently all the guys at moeller are retarded. Endlessly talking about one little thing that Unionhawk did. WOw, these guys need to find something to do with themselves other than endlessly gossip about evan.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


WOAH. Alec Renneker is amazing at poetry and he didn't even know it!!
In one of the comments he stated, "I love how a small spec of lead on a blank piece of paper can turn into a giant depressing picture."
Let's give him a round of applause!!!!
He should make a D.A. account!


Never mind! Apparently the server was down.
Other non-Moeller readers, you wouldn't understand this.Lol


WOAH!!! Just like that, you can be forced to delete your blog. Goodby evan's blog. :(

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Main Journal

As I mentioned before, my journal on DeviantART ( Is more of a blog for me.
I use DeviantART, Facebook, Brightkite, Twitter, Kongregate,, Windows Live (spaces and more) and many clients to manage these social accounts.
My friend Unionhawk considers all of them social sites, but Kongregate is for gaming, is for bookmarking and DeviantART is, as the name states, for art.
The internet is where 60% of all my data is anyway, so it's kind of funny when someone decides to turn off my computer as it won't do much. The other 40% is usually on a local hard disk or my external 250GB hard drive.
I'm bored anyway.
Did I mention I'm able to bring my xbox 360 to the hotel with me for spring break? WOO HOO. Also, I'm very hapy that they don't take our school computers in during S.B. as I wouldhave to use our crappy FATTOP gateway computer.
Well, yay for WiFi for free in the world!

Monday, February 23, 2009

new Art post!

I'm thinking of prewriting a Blog Post or maybe Ai-ing and Photoshopping a new picture while on the BUS!!!! I think it's a great idea!!! I know a macbook would probobly better withstand the impacts of the bus's movement on the way to school, but this way is a bit easier for my life.


Boredom has many uses doesn't it? It means that you're sick of everyday life and want to do something "fun" in your opinion. I believe that DeviantART, Facebook and TechRadar are great sites to go to whenever I'm bored, but that's just MY opinion. As of right now, I'm sick of not being able to get on facebook at school and am bored of the usual work we do. Therefore, I SHALL GO AND LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MACBOOK! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sick of it

I think I'll temporarily pull out of the Microsoft Vs. Apple and Microsoft Vs. Linux arguments that Unionhawk and I debate over endlessly. It's annoying the hell out of me and I think that if he has an opinion and wants to express it, LET THE WORLD KNOW, but I myself really don't care.
If Microsoft got off thier lazy arses and started making thier own computers anyway, I'm sure the world would have a giant sigh of horror.
Well, Unionhawk, I DON'T CARE about these arguments any more. They're stuck in my head and every time- daily, by the way- that you bring up these stupid idealistic arguments I feel like throttling you myself. Please sir, BACK OFF.
As for me getting a macbook, I'm saving my money right now and can't wait until the USA turns Honest and jumps out of the Recession.


I've finally finished my picture for Art class!!! Go to my DA account ot see it!
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Art Journal

My art journal is on so if you never see me blogging, I'm most likely updating that.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

DeviantART Rocks!!!

FINALLY a place for digital and photoshopping artists like me to share our artwork!!!
Well, I guess you can't really call what I do in my free time artwork, but o well.
My deviantart page is at

Monday, February 16, 2009

Creating LiveUSB at the moment...

While doing my homework, I think that- having 2 computers is quite handy even if both of thier OSes suck- I shall finally use that Unetbootin app to make my 2gb flash drive into a portable version of Fedora 10. Now I can test this new OS from Linux (Red Hat) out anywhere!!!! All you have to do once the very simple program is finished is plug the flash drive in, turn that system on and boot from it (usually ThinkVantage button, F8 or esc if I'm not mistaken to boot from another source)

English Extra Cred

It seems that I can possibly make a movie poster, soundtrack or comic book for extra credit in my English class (on mythology of course), but those are just a few. However, I love photoshop and think that a Movie Poster is a ridiculously great idea, so let's delve in!!! (Over the weekend I did nothing but Tweet and PS anyway, lol)

Monday, February 9, 2009

A.N.B. my love for music


Hello people! Yes, just another day of randomly blogging. (This is one of the few times when I directly blog from Word, because I hate Microsoft Office. The only good thing is Outlook. I'd much rather have a Mac with iLife '09 + iWork '08)

Oh, never mind. Nothing much to blog about at the moment except my favorite signature!!

"It's Not Love For Music, It's My Passion. It Goes Beyond Liking, And Beyond A Hobby, It's About A Way Of Living. Music Is Essential To My Life." (Armin Van Buuren, best Trance DJ of all time)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

yep, I'm a starving artist

No job, hopeing I get paid for my chores and wishing I always had the nest technology to work with for my designs, I'm a starving artist. If I can easily make an amazing photoshopped birthday card for my dad and completely make over the chevy volt on my school computer, imagine what would be available to me on a high-end Alienware PC or Macbook Pro?
Now that would be awesome. Problem for the day/until-summer-period-of-time:
Find a job and get enough money to buy a high end UMPC (like the Sony lifestyle pc or alienware m15x)

Friday, February 6, 2009


Yes, Photoshop CS3 has way more features that CS, as CS is a basic verison.
The only bad thing about having a Lenovo Tablet computer is the fact that people can steal your pen.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Guide on how to create a site for Moeller that will not be BLOCKED

  1. Step
    one, Go to either (If unblocked) or
    (If unblocked). Google Sites works too.

  2. Well,
    now you have a site- If you have created an account to use it and
    administrate to it.

  3. Now,
    you need to upload files to the FTP server. Go to their support
    section to find THAT out. If you don’t use 110mb’s host,
    go to step 4.

  4. ON
    Google Sites, upload .SWF games to the page you want to play on.
    Make sure that you make sure that this page is not the HOME

  5. Now,
    once your site it TOTALLY published & the games (.SWF “movies”
    their called. Or flash .fla or .swf files) appear, are submitted,
    invite users. Only invite people you trust.

  6. Make
    sure that you ONLY invite about 6 or less TRUSTWORTHY students. If
    any people like the Help Desk workers or Seniors find out, you
    should switch to a different website really quick.

  7. It’s
    always a smart Idea to just make a literary-art site and further
    down the line make it a game site. I, myself, am ONLY focusing on
    art for mine.

  8. Now,
    email the link of your site to all of you 6 FRIENDS and get together
    and play.

  9. A

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm bored and don't know what to blog about. lol. FB AND 360 ARE GETTING BORING and my caps lock key is annoying. and will make your random day better. lol

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lifestyle PC perfect for portable lifes

For those that are usually on the go a lot, I'm sure that the Sony Lifebook PC is a great piece of technology. With two great OSes, this is one of the- blu ray player- greatest, in my opinion, Sony UMPC. Weighing around 1.4 pounds- while the type is sort of small in Vista, these are mainly for younger on-the-go people. There are many great things spawned from the also-included instant-on operating System based on linux. The I.O. operating system, based on Linux looks a bit like the sony PS3 interface although it is geared more towards a computer user. The revamped ps3 interface on a computer as an Instant-ON o.s. plus the full power of Windows Vista Home Premium can make this Super Portable 8" screen laptop the best computer for travelers or business men. The I.O. operating system is great for internet users and Bloggers while the Full windows operating system yo ucan boot to just by turning it on by pressing the powerbutton provides access to more powerful programs. Starting at $900, these UMPCs are huge atteention grabbers.

Friday, January 30, 2009

SonyStyle visit

Yep haven't been there in a while. I LOVE THIS SHOP. A nice little haven for gamers and stylish-computer-nerds like myself. I found out about 3 wonderful new technologies today.
My first old-friend the Sony Mylo. I ACTUALLY HAD ENOUGH MOOLA to buy it and still passed off the opportunity. This is basically, as the man at the counter said "a 2-years-late concept of the iPhone, but replacing phone capabilities with Skype". THis is an sick all-in-one internet multimedia device. I got my hands on it and toyed around with it a bit. The touch screen controlls aren't multitouch though- sorry iTouch and iPhone fans!!- and there is no accelerometer, however THERE IS Adobe Flash Lite. With Adobe flash lite, you can view YouTube videos and play flash games or movies on websites.
THe 2nd AMAZING work of technology that I found in there was the Lifestyle PC by Sony. This MARVELOUS- yes, i truely love this pc- piece of design-and-size-aware-technology is quite small but powerful. I have a pic of this item on here. No, sadly, I did not get to blog from that PC as I ws running out of time and my mother was coming to pick us up soon.....
Anyway, yes, this features a full-blown Windows OS (Vista home premium on selct models) and an instant-on Linux based OS for when you just want to browse the web or upload media. A webcam and a wonderful amount of lightweight-but-powerful hardware including my favorite navigational item the TrackPoint (yay!!), a HDD or SDD (select models for SSD), a webcam, bluetooth + Wireless internet and a GPS reciever, and also small, around .80 of an inch think incasing. This supersmall laptop is a must for mobile bloggers and has the biggest screen I have seen yet on a UMPC at 1.39 pounds (I lifted it and it ways barely anything) and has a 8"- diagonal measurement- screen!!!!
The las item I had a look at was the Sony Xperia phone. If you buy it from the SonyStyle store, they will personally unlock it for free so you can use it with your SIM card or current provider- works on everything except verizon DAMN- but it is still a pretty sweet phone. Also honing in again on Sony's wonderful work-with-the-small-form-factor. I played around with this too. It has a sliding CURVED screen!!!! When it slides open (from touchscreen Windows Mobile 6.1 phone to WM6.1 mobile workstation) the screen slides along a CURVED ridge until the full QWERTY keyboard comes out and you can take pictures, movies and anything you can do on a normal phone but ALSO EDIT IT.
And this brings my wonderful time in SonyStyle to a close, my readers!!!

The morning so far...

Wow. 2am and I still don't know. Maybe I can just describe random shit in this post? The beautiful sunrise gleams pink across the horizon, a couple stars I can see through my windows are still outside. The damned cell tower is bugging the he'll out of me and I wish- even though I get perfect reception- that they could hve built it somewhere else. Well, social networking and eventually SLEEP is beckoning me and I must answer.
I'll write a review for Half Life 2 later.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow!! I love this!!! my 2 email accounts, FACEBOOK, Twitter and Google Talk account in one!!! I love Digsby!!! There's always something to do in our online social world!! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Game day

Wonderful snowday= friends coming over and playing games!!! w00t!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

evil .bat files STRIKE AGAIN!
pure evil for Windows users

Friday, January 23, 2009

Macs are BACK!
Oh so true, that's all I can say. Macs are used even by kids in the grade of 5, as my little friends have a couple iMacs and MacBook Pros in their house.
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Yep.I photoshopped it and forget to get getty images' watermark out. Smart me.
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Futuristic car

This is a pretty sweet hydrogen powered car!!!!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009


DUDE!!! This is the greatest Web Browser for social networking, blogging, twittering, photo sharing, getting connected with friends AND MANY MORE hobbies online!!! That is just amazing how a bunch of everyday people made this. When they SAY that this is going to be your new favorite internet browser, THEY MEAN IT!!!
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2 fun downloads!!!

Here are my two favorite downloads of the day!!
First of all, though, here is a great EASY flash game creator:
Ok, here is a funny Yu-Gi-Oh card of myself
And HERE is my remix of Sandstorm by Darude.

Connection through the Cloud

Even though icloud has a web browser in it (why? I'm already using a web browser!) it also has many things that can make life a bit more interesting for users. Widgets, for example, are just like the Windows Vista Gadgets and reside within the sidebar to the right of the "online computer".
I should try to make an internet-based Window that is based off of the Internet Explorer engine and will ONLY go to icloud. A program that only went to the icloud would be of a huge use and then prove the function of the internet browser embedded in iCloud. The many ways you can orient and move the files around in iCloud's XML-coded atmosphere makes it feel like you truely ARE using a computer! I love the side menu with the drop-down menus that give you access to settings and tools when you need them. Along with a uniqui My Documents folder and many other unique features, this revolutionary Internet Computer design will surely lead to better computer-led lives for many Americans and on-the-go people who don't usually own a computer.
That's all for now!

All of the clouds described

In the last post, I said "second type" twice. Sorry. The Windows Azure platform is the "3rd" kind of cloud I've heard of.


there are 3 types of the Cloud we hear a lot about. The first kind- that I've heard about- is the new browser/interface developed by for new linux computers and laptops. This is basically an internet browser- google chrome based- that your laptop boots to and it has internet applications in the dock at the bottom of the screen. The second cloud I know of is the COMPUTING cloud. newer technologies like iCloud, an ever--evolving computer over the internet, are in this category. Cloud computing- generally speaking- is basically one "computer" or desktop-looking service that you can access on the internet anywhere in the world. In your internet browser, you can view this FREE service, utilize it's unique XML-based applications how you see fit, create your own applications, and do many many things you usually do on a computer. This is almost-literally an over-the-internet computer.
The second type is something called Windows Azure which will allow you to host your own services and internet apps so many businessmen, clients, or customers can use them over the internet. These services allow us to "easily" distribute our apps and different products or services that are online-based to millions of customers and they can use them in thier internet browsers seamlessly. iCloud is sureley easier to use and more tuned towards us computer users, while Azure is just a basic networking Cloud to base your services or online projects on. The third kind of Cloud will be talked about in a later post.
slow updating.
I don't know why but my blogs are taking a while to update today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O, how the world is evolving

Yesterday I found out that I could play or run anything I could possibly imagine from internet storage, which could be networked to my computer to appear like an external drive- tricking my computer into thinking that wherever I have internet, a large external SSD or FD is connected.
Today I remembered all of the features of our Vista sidebar and also looked at some of the cool ADVANCED Linux computers on and used Google Talk to call a friend. Then I txted a friend using Skype, Wrote up a paper in OpenOffice, checked email and social networking sites in my iCloud and finished up using our school's ExamView to take a test.
Without computers in our education- well, wouldn't that be a shame?- I'm sure this would be a totally different learning experience!

On weekend

I surely like polls for some reason today. I'm going to Barnes and Noble after school to get a "classroom-in-a-book" on Adobe Flash Professional CS3 so I can learn more.
Adobe is one of the great companies that provide the tools that future artists need on thier computers.

Blog or facebook?

Which would you rather be on?

Would you rather be on facebook or blogger over the weekends?

   Xbox 360, bro!!!


   I wanna blog


  View Results

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School is actually kind of fun. I have found an online app called JamJar in Adobe labs where you and up to 20 people can share info and files in real time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

waking up sucks

Let me tell you, waking up at 8:00am on a Sunday sux. Realizing that I slept aaa almost half my day by waking up at 10:45am today reeks even more. So, as for the technology part of this post- I have heard from reliable sources that Apple is going to make a Wii-like gaming system that uses motion detection but is TOTALLy different from the Wii. I have always had a nintendo gaming system, as I am a good "fan"- if you want to call it that- of their engineering in gaming systems. All game boys- adv, SP, micro....- and the nintendo ds, I have always sold the older one to get the newer one (the DS lite is a joke) but this time I will surely buy a DSi when they reach America. Especially with the suspicions of apple wanting to make a console, the launch of the DSi could get hectic.
That's all for now!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Resume.... lol

Woo hoo!!!
Haha. We have to do a Hercules Resume` in my English class. I love this class but sometimes Mr.G can throw something at you to do and you WON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HIT YOU.
Anyway, first person resume. Yes, it seems easy but it isn't always easy.
Oh yea, I remembered my old gaming website- don't know if it is blocked or not- and here it is: my DEVOID2 site.
I'll get back to all of you over the weekend. My motto of the day: "Life seems soo easy when the world stands still."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Linux Vs. Windows

Many people out there love Linux because of its ease of use, easy installation from a "Live CD", Linux also has many choices of distrobutions and specialized versions (different Linux OSes) that many creative users can choose from. However, Microsoft has always come up with the SAME interface over and over again, while making only ONE true version of thier Operating System and then specializing it for different uses. HOWEVER, since these are troubled economic times especially, Microsoft doesn't provide the developing community anything, no source. Microsoft= Closed Source, Linux= Open Source available to all people to develop an Operating System off of.
There will surely be more Linux-biased articles of this to come. STAY TUNED!!!

Help required

Any of you readers, can you help me? I just got Adobe Flash CS3 installed on my school computer- I could have done it myself, but the Help Desk guys have Admin- and I don't reallyknow what I'm doing. Photoshop and Bridge CS3 is simple but Flash is sort of impossible to the first-timer.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just as a note to all who read this, NEVER GET CONFUSED ON WHAT DAY IT IS OR TIME WILL MAKE YOU PAY DEARLY. I almost forgot today was sunday and took too long of a break from the average school work. One good thing about Microsoft- Outlook is here to help and remind you!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wow!! GM sure is doing a lot to change how people buy thier cars this year. Think of all the economic and environmental effects that are going into thier situation. I'm sure that nearly-65-billion-dollar bailout from our gov't will help them out. Hopefully the Hummer division of General Motors is partially shut down, as stopping making many bigass Hummers will save them a lot of money and also stop rednecks and other potential gas-guzzlers from buying another SHAME TO THE ENVIRONMENT. As for Hybrid cars, would you get in one?

Friday, January 9, 2009

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