Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Main Journal

As I mentioned before, my journal on DeviantART (http://al12gamer.deviantart.com) Is more of a blog for me.
I use DeviantART, Facebook, Brightkite, Twitter, Kongregate, del.icio.us, Windows Live (spaces and more) and many clients to manage these social accounts.
My friend Unionhawk considers all of them social sites, but Kongregate is for gaming, del.icio.us is for bookmarking and DeviantART is, as the name states, for art.
The internet is where 60% of all my data is anyway, so it's kind of funny when someone decides to turn off my computer as it won't do much. The other 40% is usually on a local hard disk or my external 250GB hard drive.
I'm bored anyway.
Did I mention I'm able to bring my xbox 360 to the hotel with me for spring break? WOO HOO. Also, I'm very hapy that they don't take our school computers in during S.B. as I wouldhave to use our crappy FATTOP gateway computer.
Well, yay for WiFi for free in the world!

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  1. w00t!

    I had a bad experience with free wi-fi at the airport though... it was a slow piece of crap laden with Banner Ads provided by Denver International Airport... Why can't they just be like Starbucks?