Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Decisions

Though I will get a Linux netbook very soon, I STILL DO want a macbook. For crying out loud, THEY'RE ONLY $1000 MINIMUM!!! That's moderately cheap in the designer world!!!
That's not a bad price!!!
I will most likely always want one until I buy the 2.4 Ghz Model (with 4GB of RAM of course) and install the Adobe Design Premium CS4 Suite on it.
Then my obsessions about the laptop in itsself will go away and I'll have the most wonderful times playing games and photoshopping on it and GIMPing and internet-browsing on the Linux netbook.
The Acer Aspire one that I'm looking at from eRacks, as mentioned in the below post, is a very good computer.
The finest Linux netbook that I've found in a long time, if I may say so myself.
But, and I know Unionhawk will be on my ass about this, I have been shown the light of Macbooks from an early age- around 8 or 9 at the earliest i think- by my wonderous cousin jeff. If his abilities are easier expressed on a Mac THEN SO BE IT I will get one eventually. I'm thinking of getting one for when I go to college- if I go to Carnegie Mellon. I heard in my mentor group from Will B. that there is some lucky grahics designer that got accepted there and the lucky "SOB" says that besides the hard work that he expected, he's having the time of his life.
I know when peoples'strong I-will-always-win argumentative mode comes into play, I should proboboly stop the argument but my works of art and many of my hobbies even in my early life have been embedded into computers.
I will always love Windows even though I believe that it is time for me to move away from it. I installed Linux Mint on our old high-performance-for-Linux-and-Windows-XP-only "fattop". Now I have 2 Windows computers and my first, but not last, Linux computer!!! The netbooks that I'm looking at with either Ubuntu Linux or Fedora 10 Linux preinstalled are those below-mentioned Dell Mini 9s and Acer Aspire ones. Though the MSI WIND with Fedora or Xandros looks very tempting at a lower price, I'm sure that it's pearl white surface would be ruined with stains in less than 2 weeks.
Well, I think I'll get crackin on some more homework now. see you, my fellow readers and techies!!!
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