Monday, March 29, 2010

The Information Age

I just went on a Wikipedia/blog quest of my own. I started out at Telegraphy and ended up at sites with news about the Information Age. LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN DO TODAY!!! I know many of us teenagers who were born in the 90s take much of this stuff for granted, BUT LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN DO TODAY! COMPARE IT TO WHAT WE COULD DO IN THE 1980S AND 1970S!!!!!!! from 1990 to 2010, thats 20 YEARS OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT!!!!! A whole lot has changed since the year i was born it seems. A whole lot has been available at our fingers. These days you hear clueless teenagers and "reviewers" expecting technologies to do more than what they were originally meant for, not once looking back on the days of the past. Remember when cellphones weren't social media or document-editing devices and all they did was make calls? Remember when computers edited documents and modified file systems? Remember when Dungeons and Dragons was the most epic game ever, before the internet and the invention of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft? Remember when Warcraft I was the best RTS game of the century? Remember DOOM? Remember the first computer hand-made by Apple? If you can't remember any of those days, it is because you either don't care about events of the past or haven't looked upon them.
We've made some huge advancements in technology that make information extremely accessible these days, and I suggest we all ponder these advancements and how they came to be. Freedom has its benefits.