Monday, February 9, 2009

A.N.B. my love for music


Hello people! Yes, just another day of randomly blogging. (This is one of the few times when I directly blog from Word, because I hate Microsoft Office. The only good thing is Outlook. I'd much rather have a Mac with iLife '09 + iWork '08)

Oh, never mind. Nothing much to blog about at the moment except my favorite signature!!

"It's Not Love For Music, It's My Passion. It Goes Beyond Liking, And Beyond A Hobby, It's About A Way Of Living. Music Is Essential To My Life." (Armin Van Buuren, best Trance DJ of all time)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

yep, I'm a starving artist

No job, hopeing I get paid for my chores and wishing I always had the nest technology to work with for my designs, I'm a starving artist. If I can easily make an amazing photoshopped birthday card for my dad and completely make over the chevy volt on my school computer, imagine what would be available to me on a high-end Alienware PC or Macbook Pro?
Now that would be awesome. Problem for the day/until-summer-period-of-time:
Find a job and get enough money to buy a high end UMPC (like the Sony lifestyle pc or alienware m15x)