Monday, February 2, 2009

Lifestyle PC perfect for portable lifes

For those that are usually on the go a lot, I'm sure that the Sony Lifebook PC is a great piece of technology. With two great OSes, this is one of the- blu ray player- greatest, in my opinion, Sony UMPC. Weighing around 1.4 pounds- while the type is sort of small in Vista, these are mainly for younger on-the-go people. There are many great things spawned from the also-included instant-on operating System based on linux. The I.O. operating system, based on Linux looks a bit like the sony PS3 interface although it is geared more towards a computer user. The revamped ps3 interface on a computer as an Instant-ON o.s. plus the full power of Windows Vista Home Premium can make this Super Portable 8" screen laptop the best computer for travelers or business men. The I.O. operating system is great for internet users and Bloggers while the Full windows operating system yo ucan boot to just by turning it on by pressing the powerbutton provides access to more powerful programs. Starting at $900, these UMPCs are huge atteention grabbers.
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