Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I would do if I had to give away a million dollars

I would give half of the million to O.L.P.C (One laptop per child) because I have believed in thier philosophy for providing children in developing countries with an education and a low-cost laptop for a long time. The other half would go to Linux Developers (mainly groups like Fedora, E-Live, and Linux Mint) so they can get an even better headstart on out-doing Microsoft's reign of evil. ...I really hate Microsoft and how they put thier OS users under THEIR power so we must use anything that ONLY works with windows and whenever we try to do something they don't like, like oh install Linux as a dual-boot system, they DON'Thave our backs. Ever heard of the shitty BSOD? yea, Linux & Macintosh users have never heard of it.

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