Thursday, December 25, 2008

W00t for xmas break!!

I hope everyone else out there is having a great Christmas break!! For my birthday- December 24th, suckers!!! For my b-day, I got an 250gb flash drive which is literally almost as thin as my iPod Touch and a couple Xbox 360 games & the iPod-complementing Dock/Clock. Who out there likes RPGs???? I love 'em!!! I recieved- GREATIOUSLY!- Infinite Undiscovery and Fable II for the games section of my birthday. Let me tell you, these games rock!!!! YAY FOR THE ALMIGHTY XBOX 360, especially since the sound and graphics of Infinite Undiscovery are so amazing they lokk almost not-of-this-world-ish. Well, I'm goin to bed right after this delish post. Feel free to tell all your friends about my blog!!! If there is ANYthing to get your teenage kids for xmas, here are my 3 top ideas, 1. an Xbox 360 Yea!!!!!, 2. either an iPhone (AT&T) or a Blitz (VZW), or 3. an Eee PC. The Eee PC, as mentioned on my blog, is a very wonderful Internet/Social Networking/Business tool on the go! My Blitz phone, although not a touchscreen is a very unique QWERTY Slider within it's own right.
This is random but- HEY, I ACTUALLY TOOK A SHOWER TODAY!!! I also finally played my lying-there-for-5-weeks-Xbox-360 game system. Well, getting back to the topic of my birthday and christmas break, I love it. This blog is a wonderful place for me to share my emotions and excitement over certain things in my life with you, my wonderful readers.

Well, now closing this post, I am currently upsessed with 1. my new portable HDD and all of the software-emulation possibilities, 2. the Eee PC and how much I need to save up for it, 3. Infinite Undiscovery and 4. HOW MUCH I REALLY WANT TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS WITH ALL OF MY MOELLER BUDDIES.
I'll probobly post full descriptions about the games and other gifts after tomorrow...... I mean today!!!! Especially since I'm still awake at 1:50 AM. Well, ffor all of those RPG Hunters out there, contact me if you want to learn about the best Wii, Xbox 360, and PC R.P.G. games there are out on the market that I have played. That's all for now folks!!! Love you all and have a great break- well, those that are in school still.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lol. Lying in bed now. I'm postng this from my mobile phone. One small task on the internet.
Woo Hoo!
woo hoo! My first Google Talk post! Any of you readers should get Google Talk, create a Blogger blog and sync both with!

X-mas break

Christmas break rocks. I had my grandma's side of the family over yesterday and my father's side of the family is coming to the -toledo- house we're visiting today. Yep. That's me. I'm a lifer-of-a-blogger and stay up until 1:03am doing nothing but checking email and blogging.
If any of you viewers ever get bored of reading my blogs, well duh it has to happen sometime, just send or an email. I don't check these as often as my main gmail account, but that is mainly for the safe-from-spam purpose.

Amazing Phone!!!

HOLY LORD IN HEAVEN!! HALLOW BE THY NAME! HE has given us the power to create amazing tools in our lives!! Now this THIS ONE PHONE will blow all of you techies away.

I know that I blog about technology and/or books on and off, but this is for SURE a good post about technology. OpenMoko's Neo Freerunner is the first of many Mobile Linux objects that I have set my sights on. Of course this phone-internet tablet-keychain-thing is very interesting, but not supporting Verizon Wireless OR Vodaphone OR O2 will get them WHERE? I don't see how not creating a CDMA-version Neo Freerunner will get them anywhere!! I am kind of crunched for time- not really, just very tired- and I would like to get as much on this device out of my brain before I pass out from sleep loss. lol. Yes, O.M. did it with thier Neo and Apple did it with thier iPhone and HTC did it with thier HTC Touch Pro. yes, these are all Smartphone/Managing devices. HTC succeeded in creating a phone that turned out to be a Windows-mockup of the iPhone, and O.M. succeeded in creating a device that could be simple and intuitive or deep & evolving depending ON THE USER. The Neo Freerunner can be completely customized- from it's casing and screen all the way down to it's interface and Operating System code. If you are starving for more information that I seem to be depriving from you, go on over to to find out for yourself what a miracle this is.


If you ever EVER want to post the same post to all of your blogs (not recommended if you have 2 Blogger accounts or multiple blogging accounts for any service) just go on down to and, once signed up, you can blog on ALL OF YOUR SITES using thier handy little "Ping It!" website-app.
Woo Hoo!!! I got a post-to-all account on just like my good friend Unionhawk.
Well, do any of my readers like Google Talk? You can get on Google Talk via the pop-out gadget on my gamerz88 blog.