Saturday, March 21, 2009

OK. Well ourchurch thing is done and we're goiing home. Well, i think i'll force my kid to go when im a dad just to see how long he'll stay awake.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ode to the music

By Alex Seibenick

Flowing around you, it blows through your hair.

Feel the bass pump around you, feel the music and be one with the music.

Techno and Dance are just a few wide genres of the melodies that you see.

Amazed at the wonderous ecstasy that is all around you, colors are melding into the liquid blend of beat and rhythm.

At last, peace drifts over you and the music swirls around you like the moist fog of the early morning when the sun rises over the horizon.

Grasp the scents of vanilla, combining with the sweet fragrance of roses as you drift into the void of everlasting happiness while dancing your heart out to the mystic beats of the DJ.

Growing hotter and hotter, the light waves melt into the sound as your grip with reality loosens.

Colors swerve into waves, your passion for dancing grows even tighter. Nothing else, dance or die are the only choices as stopping would upset the momentum.

With the change of the tempo, the beat slows down and as the next song comes on you begin to gravitate towards the speakers and your vision blurs.

Like a drunk trying to find his way home, you stumble off of the stage and begin to wonder how you fell under the music's spell.

Usually resisting the temptation to let loose, you gather yourself and get back on stage just as the song ends.

Even the strongest wills can be easily broken. As the music begins again and you feel the beautiful, intoxicating, exhilarating mist of colors and sound drown out everything else you realize what's happened.

But it's too late.

You're consumed.

Every day of your life since then, you miss those beats and those feelings.

Society has changed you and you're no longer that fun loving human based upon music that you once were.

Sorrow as deep as the Pacific Ocean fills your heart, as you miss those glory days of the ecstasy you felt during the dance clubs at night.

No longer are you happy, sitting at your desk and staring into the monitor of your Sony VAIO.

While daydreaming of your past life, your son comes up to you.

Finally it is time. Maybe your children can relive that life.

Let the beat take you

As the beat goes on.

The MacBook AIR, Peek, HTC Touch Pro, Palm Pre, Acer Aspire One with Linux and Eee PC 900A are pretty cool.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's the end of your Junior year and you are told you will be house captian next year. What will you do with that power?


I would create FUN DAYs when everyone could literally wear whatever they wanted- as long as they have undergarmets and a shirt/shorts on-

and everyone would be very happy.

I would also make sure that the little guys weren't picked on as people who do dumb things- although I gottaluv him, Evan can do some stupid things- were when I was a frosh. I'd try to censor that as much as I could from our school.

I would certainly not be a great house captain because whenever I am given power, I always go insane and power-controlling. Whenever I used to post with my friends on my Forum, I would control anything I didn't want happeneing, no matter what they thought.


Wow. many of the mobile blog posts are screwed up. THANKS GOOGLE.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm ACTUALLY NOT BORED AT ALL and having fun for once in my life.
Well this is stupid....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello world! This is from my phone! :)


I think I'll eventually get an amazing gift in the mail or just happen to be the lucky SOB who will eventually win the lottery one day!
If so, then I'd TOTALLY get:
a Macbook Pro (17-inch)
2 iMacs
a Peek
a Palm Pre + Simply Everything plan
a M16 assault rifle and a license for it
another dog
another dog
a 20-foot screen to put on the basement wall + projector
5 Linux laptops + 2 Red Hat subscriptions (1 laptop and an iMac)
a PS3
and finally
Another lottery ticket.
After that I would give the rest to OLPC and Unified for Unifat.

The Decisions

Though I will get a Linux netbook very soon, I STILL DO want a macbook. For crying out loud, THEY'RE ONLY $1000 MINIMUM!!! That's moderately cheap in the designer world!!!
That's not a bad price!!!
I will most likely always want one until I buy the 2.4 Ghz Model (with 4GB of RAM of course) and install the Adobe Design Premium CS4 Suite on it.
Then my obsessions about the laptop in itsself will go away and I'll have the most wonderful times playing games and photoshopping on it and GIMPing and internet-browsing on the Linux netbook.
The Acer Aspire one that I'm looking at from eRacks, as mentioned in the below post, is a very good computer.
The finest Linux netbook that I've found in a long time, if I may say so myself.
But, and I know Unionhawk will be on my ass about this, I have been shown the light of Macbooks from an early age- around 8 or 9 at the earliest i think- by my wonderous cousin jeff. If his abilities are easier expressed on a Mac THEN SO BE IT I will get one eventually. I'm thinking of getting one for when I go to college- if I go to Carnegie Mellon. I heard in my mentor group from Will B. that there is some lucky grahics designer that got accepted there and the lucky "SOB" says that besides the hard work that he expected, he's having the time of his life.
I know when peoples'strong I-will-always-win argumentative mode comes into play, I should proboboly stop the argument but my works of art and many of my hobbies even in my early life have been embedded into computers.
I will always love Windows even though I believe that it is time for me to move away from it. I installed Linux Mint on our old high-performance-for-Linux-and-Windows-XP-only "fattop". Now I have 2 Windows computers and my first, but not last, Linux computer!!! The netbooks that I'm looking at with either Ubuntu Linux or Fedora 10 Linux preinstalled are those below-mentioned Dell Mini 9s and Acer Aspire ones. Though the MSI WIND with Fedora or Xandros looks very tempting at a lower price, I'm sure that it's pearl white surface would be ruined with stains in less than 2 weeks.
Well, I think I'll get crackin on some more homework now. see you, my fellow readers and techies!!!


I should probobly stop saving all my good random picture-filled posts for the Collaboritive blog.
Oh well.
I had a great day at school even if it may sometimes be annoying to come home to a unending-nagger mom and a nonstop-rub-my-belly dog but things usually work out.
Note: I am not saying that my mom is horrible, I am just stating that no matter how much I love her and she loves me, it just seems a little bit annoying to have her nag me every day of my life.
By the way, I'm saving up for a Linux Netbook.
Readers, comment DELL for the first one or ACER for the second.

Dell- 4-cell battery, Ubuntu Linux or M$ XP, 64GB SSD (most expensive storage upgrade), Bluetooth, Wifi a/b/g, webcam.

Modified Acer Aspire one- 6-cell battery, no bluetooth but REALLY good wifi a/b/g reception. THIS ONE COMES IN BLUE. Also comes with choice of Ubuntu 8.10, Fedora 9 or 10, OpenBSD, Xandros, M$ XP, Red Hat and many more. Webcam also.

Freetime/Daily life

Even though I should have done it at home, I finished my math here at school. Now I'm- oddly- rembering all of the shortcuts that I know for Macs, Windows, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and OpenSolaris for some reason... I have too much knowledge of Operating Sytems out there if you ask me. Sometimes you just wish that your mind would stop wandering or AT LEAST SHUT UP so you could sleep, right? Not so with me. However, I'm sure there are many of you our there whose minds never stop thinking. I know it's annoying, join the club! lol. Well, now my bluetooth on my computer is on again and Tanner's retarded phone keeps on trying to connect to my computer and many guys are saying retarded things but still, that's daily life in School. Although it's odd at times, I love my school. Though I should probobly be blogging and writing DA journals in my freetime, it feels better to do it now. lol. -out-

Monday, March 16, 2009


Don't you just hate it when you thought you saved something and you didn't? Nate did and I didnt, therefore, I am without a picture for our next B day. :(
O well. It's easier to remake it in GIMP Mint or Photoshop CS3/FLASH CS3 anyway.

Life Experiences

All those services like Twitter and Brightkite and all of the other blogs like n my DeviantART, on Facebook or for the Collaborative Blog usually require my attention more than this blog but o well.
Too all of my readers, I say hello! Today is another wonderful B day in school and everything seems to be runing smoothly.
I self-installed (not professionally) Linux Mint on my old Gateway laptop finally and even though the internal broken wireless adapter doesn't work, it still seems to work beautifully.
Especially the desktop effects like "Desktop Cube", "3d windows" and "open/close effects".
Linux always grows to suprise and entertain. Whenever I'm not on my school computer, I'm usually using 3d Rendering programs and GIMP on my Linux Computer now. :)
To all of those Windows Users out there, I tell you that Linux (especially Xandros, ubuntu and Linux Mint) Distrobutions are very easy to switch to.
As I've learned, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN. Learning and researching what you want to choose for the future will always come in handy.
Everyone has thier own life experiences, and these are a couple of mine that come from the electronics category.