Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm tired........ however I'm no longer addicted to WoW and I love my religion teacher's class.
That's about it for today.
Gamer Out

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Rant Agreement

This is part of a rant at "We have a tool user community who expects all tools to be 'dumbed down' to the lowest level. We used to say making a tool foolproof would create a tool only a fool would want to use." This supports my opinion that the average computer user these days doesn't know anything about thier computer. Don't let the blind lead the blind! Think about your request for a "simple" technology before you blab it out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lifehacker: When It Doesn't Pay To Be Google's Guinea Pig

I agree with this rant. It sounds nearly exactly like something I would come up with.
Therefore, this blog post is merely showing you all it.
Very nice, lifehacker, verynice.
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My thoughts on the Devour

I can see that the Motorola Devour- appearing in Best Buy tomorrow for $100 on a Verizon contract- would be an instant hit with teens and those of us who love to be connected to social networks and other services 24/7. However, as cool as the MOTOBLUR distrobution of Android seems- it does NOT have the advantages of the Droid's 2.0 or the Nexus One's 2.1 . I like being able to modify my device's software in any direction I want- and having the ABILITY to do so- however MOTOBLUR's Android 1.6 does not have as many of the apps or mods available to it as my Droid's plain install of Android 2.0...... This may very well be my opinion or any of my readers', but one thing is for sure, that new aluminum casing is just groovy. I like how it feels in the hand and how snappy- responsive- the slider works. However, as I have stated before on facebook, I will stick with my Droid as long as I can. We're eventually getting the Android 2.1 OTA update anyway :).
Here's the link for Engadget's review of the Devour-

(Edit)- Sorry for the confusion I may have caused, the Motorola  Devour will cost $100 and will require a $30 data plan from Verizon.