Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreaming of the future

I was daydreaming- like most people do these days- today and it just so seemed that I was on my netbook, thereby inspiring the thoughts of "What computers will I have?", "What OSes?", and "What would my lifestyle be?"
However, many teenagers who are freshmen like me or Sophomores in High School still seem to think or dream the same way.
However, I don't know much about Lifestyles so I just skipped to the more exciting part of the pondering thought.
SO, I- hopefully- imagined me having an iMac in my house as my main Desktop computer and then an old ThinkPad T40 that is either running Fedora 10+ or Linux XP. Next to that on the desk, as I recall from the thought, was a Macbook. The Macs I would use as my main computers while using the Linux one when I'm bored or if I feel the need to engage in my Software-Modding hobby a bit more.
Then, I would also have a Windows (shitty, I know) Desktop for those very few things that people require WIndows for in thier life- and finally the Acer Aspire One that I am typing on right now would hopefully still be with me. However, years have shown what can happen to a constantly-used computer.
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