Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mac everywhere

I see MacBooks and iMacs nearly everywhere these days. When a lot of Alumni come in, they bring thier Macs- which doesn't really help the winblows policy we have going on here. On my bus, we'll always pass a house with a big window in the office where some lady will always be using her big 24" iMac. When I go down to see a movie and then walk around the "Streets of WC" there's usually some people in the Cafe`s using Macbooks or, when its warm out, sitting outside.
If only I could join this. I would really like a Macbook- mainly for software tinkering and development purposes- but also for College maybe? That would surely rock. I'm sick of only seeing a part of the spectrum (Solaris, Windows, Linux, -no mac experience- here) I'd love to at least get maybe a Mac Mini and toy with it here, however, as I am not of the age to get a job anywhere yet, I'll have to put my hopes on hold as I usually must.