Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's the end of your Junior year and you are told you will be house captian next year. What will you do with that power?


I would create FUN DAYs when everyone could literally wear whatever they wanted- as long as they have undergarmets and a shirt/shorts on-

and everyone would be very happy.

I would also make sure that the little guys weren't picked on as people who do dumb things- although I gottaluv him, Evan can do some stupid things- were when I was a frosh. I'd try to censor that as much as I could from our school.

I would certainly not be a great house captain because whenever I am given power, I always go insane and power-controlling. Whenever I used to post with my friends on my Forum, I would control anything I didn't want happeneing, no matter what they thought.

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