Friday, October 2, 2009

M$ goodbye

Why do I hate Microsoft? Hmm. Maybe the shitty, unstable, freezing-constantly operating system? Or maybe thier unreliable Xbox 360 Service? I don't think I'll ever use Windows once I get out of highschool. Maybe once a week for gaming, but other than that NO. I love Linux and love how easy and simple it is to use, along with the simplicity of Macintosh. Yes, I may have grown up using Windows, but now I have outgrown it. Windows IS NOT ME. Linux is more my style for now. Maybe using a Mac for college might suit me? Anyway, the only reason I ever do use Winblows is for school. After my homework and projects are finished on my school tablet, I'll open up that old-but-kickin' Gateway laptop I still own and rock a cup of Ubuntu.

M$ BS once again.

Stop trying to takeover the internet, operating system and cell phone markets Microshit!!!! Seriously!!! STOP. Bing will hopefully never overthrow the google we know and love