Friday, January 23, 2009

Macs are BACK!
Oh so true, that's all I can say. Macs are used even by kids in the grade of 5, as my little friends have a couple iMacs and MacBook Pros in their house.
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Yep.I photoshopped it and forget to get getty images' watermark out. Smart me.
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Futuristic car

This is a pretty sweet hydrogen powered car!!!!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009


DUDE!!! This is the greatest Web Browser for social networking, blogging, twittering, photo sharing, getting connected with friends AND MANY MORE hobbies online!!! That is just amazing how a bunch of everyday people made this. When they SAY that this is going to be your new favorite internet browser, THEY MEAN IT!!!
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2 fun downloads!!!

Here are my two favorite downloads of the day!!
First of all, though, here is a great EASY flash game creator:
Ok, here is a funny Yu-Gi-Oh card of myself
And HERE is my remix of Sandstorm by Darude.

Connection through the Cloud

Even though icloud has a web browser in it (why? I'm already using a web browser!) it also has many things that can make life a bit more interesting for users. Widgets, for example, are just like the Windows Vista Gadgets and reside within the sidebar to the right of the "online computer".
I should try to make an internet-based Window that is based off of the Internet Explorer engine and will ONLY go to icloud. A program that only went to the icloud would be of a huge use and then prove the function of the internet browser embedded in iCloud. The many ways you can orient and move the files around in iCloud's XML-coded atmosphere makes it feel like you truely ARE using a computer! I love the side menu with the drop-down menus that give you access to settings and tools when you need them. Along with a uniqui My Documents folder and many other unique features, this revolutionary Internet Computer design will surely lead to better computer-led lives for many Americans and on-the-go people who don't usually own a computer.
That's all for now!

All of the clouds described

In the last post, I said "second type" twice. Sorry. The Windows Azure platform is the "3rd" kind of cloud I've heard of.


there are 3 types of the Cloud we hear a lot about. The first kind- that I've heard about- is the new browser/interface developed by for new linux computers and laptops. This is basically an internet browser- google chrome based- that your laptop boots to and it has internet applications in the dock at the bottom of the screen. The second cloud I know of is the COMPUTING cloud. newer technologies like iCloud, an ever--evolving computer over the internet, are in this category. Cloud computing- generally speaking- is basically one "computer" or desktop-looking service that you can access on the internet anywhere in the world. In your internet browser, you can view this FREE service, utilize it's unique XML-based applications how you see fit, create your own applications, and do many many things you usually do on a computer. This is almost-literally an over-the-internet computer.
The second type is something called Windows Azure which will allow you to host your own services and internet apps so many businessmen, clients, or customers can use them over the internet. These services allow us to "easily" distribute our apps and different products or services that are online-based to millions of customers and they can use them in thier internet browsers seamlessly. iCloud is sureley easier to use and more tuned towards us computer users, while Azure is just a basic networking Cloud to base your services or online projects on. The third kind of Cloud will be talked about in a later post.
slow updating.
I don't know why but my blogs are taking a while to update today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O, how the world is evolving

Yesterday I found out that I could play or run anything I could possibly imagine from internet storage, which could be networked to my computer to appear like an external drive- tricking my computer into thinking that wherever I have internet, a large external SSD or FD is connected.
Today I remembered all of the features of our Vista sidebar and also looked at some of the cool ADVANCED Linux computers on and used Google Talk to call a friend. Then I txted a friend using Skype, Wrote up a paper in OpenOffice, checked email and social networking sites in my iCloud and finished up using our school's ExamView to take a test.
Without computers in our education- well, wouldn't that be a shame?- I'm sure this would be a totally different learning experience!

On weekend

I surely like polls for some reason today. I'm going to Barnes and Noble after school to get a "classroom-in-a-book" on Adobe Flash Professional CS3 so I can learn more.
Adobe is one of the great companies that provide the tools that future artists need on thier computers.

Blog or facebook?

Which would you rather be on?

Would you rather be on facebook or blogger over the weekends?

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School is actually kind of fun. I have found an online app called JamJar in Adobe labs where you and up to 20 people can share info and files in real time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

waking up sucks

Let me tell you, waking up at 8:00am on a Sunday sux. Realizing that I slept aaa almost half my day by waking up at 10:45am today reeks even more. So, as for the technology part of this post- I have heard from reliable sources that Apple is going to make a Wii-like gaming system that uses motion detection but is TOTALLy different from the Wii. I have always had a nintendo gaming system, as I am a good "fan"- if you want to call it that- of their engineering in gaming systems. All game boys- adv, SP, micro....- and the nintendo ds, I have always sold the older one to get the newer one (the DS lite is a joke) but this time I will surely buy a DSi when they reach America. Especially with the suspicions of apple wanting to make a console, the launch of the DSi could get hectic.
That's all for now!