Thursday, January 22, 2009

Connection through the Cloud

Even though icloud has a web browser in it (why? I'm already using a web browser!) it also has many things that can make life a bit more interesting for users. Widgets, for example, are just like the Windows Vista Gadgets and reside within the sidebar to the right of the "online computer".
I should try to make an internet-based Window that is based off of the Internet Explorer engine and will ONLY go to icloud. A program that only went to the icloud would be of a huge use and then prove the function of the internet browser embedded in iCloud. The many ways you can orient and move the files around in iCloud's XML-coded atmosphere makes it feel like you truely ARE using a computer! I love the side menu with the drop-down menus that give you access to settings and tools when you need them. Along with a uniqui My Documents folder and many other unique features, this revolutionary Internet Computer design will surely lead to better computer-led lives for many Americans and on-the-go people who don't usually own a computer.
That's all for now!
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