Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's Tablet and their influence on the market

Yep, thats the next thing the Media focuses on. Google News is also fired up with articles about Apple's new product that has been awaited and rumored for ages. Apple HAS always been the company to come out with the leading technologies (not just iPods) and designs for consumer computing. As I can recall, their titanium Powerbook G4 made quite an impact back in the day, just as the redesigned Macbook, Mac Mini and 27"-screen iMac are making an impact on the market today. I don't even own a Mac, yet I know Apple has always been the leader in designing computers. That is exactly why other "copy-cat" companies (which I will not mention because they are too pitiful to mention) copy computer designs off of Apple so their computers look similar to the popular Macs and are quite cheaper. Most of these companies just slap a Windows OS on those faketops and call them a Bargain, while copying Apple's design. When I go to college, I'm definitely going to purchase a Macbook Pro from THE company that is leading in this industry and not copying off any other designs. Those other fools.
Any way, I'm not so much against windows as I am the companies that slap it in apple-design-mocking laptops. I kinda like Windows 7 for gaming though. I only use it for gaming, for that matter. I still hate the fact that many companies like to "customize" Windows 7 on thier computers. This happened with Vista too. Companies (that I know of and have had experience dealing with, but will not advertise here) would just literally install thier own bullshit programs that just slow down the computer- needless webcam programs, Skype is better, needless advisory programs, who cares? and other companies' ideas of a useful program- and make it actually more difficult to use. Most simple computer users these days who don't get to know thier technology or don't know anything about it when they purchase it- just want to use them for internet, which is what netbooks are for, and don't even realize it's the companies' faults for putting extra crap on thier computers that's slowing them down.
Another reason to buy from Apple- They ARE the only company that creates Macs and they don't add any extra useless, third-party branded programs that screw up the computer.
There is my rant for the day, I feel better now.