Saturday, April 24, 2010

oops. Moved

oops i forgot that this blog is moved.
ok then, to all new visitors, go to my 2-posts-ago mentioned tumblr


level 65 in WoW now woo hoo. last night i set up for a small PC gaming party and it was awesome. Can anyone (with LAN party experience) tell me how to set up a 10 person network? that would rock. Cheers

Monday, April 12, 2010

This blog is Moved

I've finally made a somewhat-important decision to move this to Tumblr. As cool as Blogspot is, its blocked at school, not available in some places and- although there's a TON of customization- not near as simple as Tumblr.
Click the title of this post to go there.

moving to another

I may eventually move this blog to Tumblr. Any input?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

mods/hacks done or found by accident

lol. I learned a few things. Two of which aren't mods though.

  1. you can, if you wish, download the trial installer for WoW to a SSD, iPod or portable mp3 player and play it from there (I think the full installation of the Trial is around 3 to 5 gigs)
  2. ANDROID PHONES (ERIS, Droid, Devour, Hero, MyTouch, Cliq.....) CAN PLAY GBA GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look for GBAlite on the market if you want one for free. You actually CAN save your games, but only using the ingame saving methods- the full purchasable version can save it using the game or the menu. [not a mod, but a great necessity]
  3. The AT&T Backflip is sweet- so is the MotoDevour. Both can have GPS and/or live wallpapers hacked on as well.
  4. The iPad will take a longer time to jailbreak........buttheads
  5. This isn't a mod or a hack- but I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THE dotHack SERIES HAS BEEN RENEWED! .hack/xxxx