Monday, March 16, 2009

Life Experiences

All those services like Twitter and Brightkite and all of the other blogs like n my DeviantART, on Facebook or for the Collaborative Blog usually require my attention more than this blog but o well.
Too all of my readers, I say hello! Today is another wonderful B day in school and everything seems to be runing smoothly.
I self-installed (not professionally) Linux Mint on my old Gateway laptop finally and even though the internal broken wireless adapter doesn't work, it still seems to work beautifully.
Especially the desktop effects like "Desktop Cube", "3d windows" and "open/close effects".
Linux always grows to suprise and entertain. Whenever I'm not on my school computer, I'm usually using 3d Rendering programs and GIMP on my Linux Computer now. :)
To all of those Windows Users out there, I tell you that Linux (especially Xandros, ubuntu and Linux Mint) Distrobutions are very easy to switch to.
As I've learned, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN. Learning and researching what you want to choose for the future will always come in handy.
Everyone has thier own life experiences, and these are a couple of mine that come from the electronics category.
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