Friday, January 30, 2009

SonyStyle visit

Yep haven't been there in a while. I LOVE THIS SHOP. A nice little haven for gamers and stylish-computer-nerds like myself. I found out about 3 wonderful new technologies today.
My first old-friend the Sony Mylo. I ACTUALLY HAD ENOUGH MOOLA to buy it and still passed off the opportunity. This is basically, as the man at the counter said "a 2-years-late concept of the iPhone, but replacing phone capabilities with Skype". THis is an sick all-in-one internet multimedia device. I got my hands on it and toyed around with it a bit. The touch screen controlls aren't multitouch though- sorry iTouch and iPhone fans!!- and there is no accelerometer, however THERE IS Adobe Flash Lite. With Adobe flash lite, you can view YouTube videos and play flash games or movies on websites.
THe 2nd AMAZING work of technology that I found in there was the Lifestyle PC by Sony. This MARVELOUS- yes, i truely love this pc- piece of design-and-size-aware-technology is quite small but powerful. I have a pic of this item on here. No, sadly, I did not get to blog from that PC as I ws running out of time and my mother was coming to pick us up soon.....
Anyway, yes, this features a full-blown Windows OS (Vista home premium on selct models) and an instant-on Linux based OS for when you just want to browse the web or upload media. A webcam and a wonderful amount of lightweight-but-powerful hardware including my favorite navigational item the TrackPoint (yay!!), a HDD or SDD (select models for SSD), a webcam, bluetooth + Wireless internet and a GPS reciever, and also small, around .80 of an inch think incasing. This supersmall laptop is a must for mobile bloggers and has the biggest screen I have seen yet on a UMPC at 1.39 pounds (I lifted it and it ways barely anything) and has a 8"- diagonal measurement- screen!!!!
The las item I had a look at was the Sony Xperia phone. If you buy it from the SonyStyle store, they will personally unlock it for free so you can use it with your SIM card or current provider- works on everything except verizon DAMN- but it is still a pretty sweet phone. Also honing in again on Sony's wonderful work-with-the-small-form-factor. I played around with this too. It has a sliding CURVED screen!!!! When it slides open (from touchscreen Windows Mobile 6.1 phone to WM6.1 mobile workstation) the screen slides along a CURVED ridge until the full QWERTY keyboard comes out and you can take pictures, movies and anything you can do on a normal phone but ALSO EDIT IT.
And this brings my wonderful time in SonyStyle to a close, my readers!!!
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