Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pandora's coming!

WOO. Maybe the new Pandora handheld Linux console will be available sometime during or after Fall this year! However, it will have to compete with the PSP Go which is coming out at the same time, but with less features than the pandora and a bigger price tag attached... Anyway, I'm sure the guys won't have a problem pulling off it all once thier first shipments are done!

New Update

Wow. I apparently have not blogged in a long while! Well, here's my new update then! Currently, I'm out of school (woo hoo) and doing summer P.E. which isn't always the most fun. Going on a marathon bike ride on friday with my P.E. class and hopefully going to have a fun time. The last week of P.E. (next week) I am going to Kentucky for a mission trip to create a camp for young kids. Helping people is quite fun. Also, I have an Acer Aspire One now and am thinking of giving my old FatTop away so I can make room for a ThinkPad with either Fedora 11 or OpenSolaris installed on it, depending on how I feel I'll use it. Well, that about sums up everything soo far. Have a great summer, readers!