Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Philosophical thought

We all feel like MLK jr or nicholas copernicus sometimes, or maybe our own kinds of philosophers. Even though my blogs may say that thier usually about books, technology and video games- they really are like my online journal.
At this moment, I have one of my "Philosophical or testable theoretical moments of the day" and ask: What is space? If we can be represented as one stepping stone of life, where are the others? Out THERE?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ah, social networking

WOW. Twitter and facebook while multitasking and blogging can be quite fun.
Also, can anybody say "look how far we've gotten"?
The progress that we've made soo far in our lifetime with our technological advances- both in the internet and in physical consumer technologies- like the netbooks craze, The release of the amazing iPod Touch and the iPhone. We've also gotten quite far in terms of portable computer size and weight- especially weight, considering those old 20-pound, 19" screen behemoths hurt me side.
I've seen many advances in Google's company too, for instance thier new Chrome OS is sure to attract a lot of attention from Microsoft.... once its available.
Anyway, back to the reason why I titled this blog as I did- Mainly I was on twitter, updating my status and I saw that a couple of the trending topics had to do with technology, facebook and our economy. Usually when there's trending topics, something bad has happened- having to do with each of those topics. However, this time it just so happened that the one having to do with our technology is mainly from professional bloggers- using twitterfeed- who were talking about how we've gained such a strong foothold in the world's major powers, mainly through our use of techology. I can't remember what I read, or what time it was, but I do also know from personal experience that our country has gone through some rough AND righteous times and we've prevailed.


Dad said to me one day- probobly to just be funny- "One day you'll wish that you were as philosophical as your father, son". lol
Probobly. However, considering the circumstances that many of my facebook posts AND the ways that I think of things today are "up there" when compared to many other teens- most who are immature still. I think of this earth as only one stepping stone for life. We think that we are HUGE and important here on our one tiny planet, however, we are nothing compared to the vast galaxy out there.
I may wish that I'm as philosophical as you dad? Maybe I'm already on my way.
Then again, seeing as how many of the family members on my dad's side of the family are creative, artistic, spiritual and deep-thinkers, I do believe that I'm destined for greatness like many of them. :) We'll see how far I get throughout life.


Life seems to be going pretty well, except for the fact that- probobly like many mothers- my mother is quite a nag and still NEVER lets me have my way perfectly. Well, if she wants to be that selfish about keeping me here before I go to college, maybe I should just not stay at home as much anymore?