Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mythology plays

lol. we did mythology plays in English class. Everybody totally screwed up though. It was hilarious. Just imagine teenage boys playing the part of a fabulous maiden and a lovely God together without acting hilariously retarded. My friend Carey played the part of a God visiting 2 old people in the town of Phyrgia. He totally sscrewed it up and acted like elmo having A CRACK PARTY. Now after that wonderful spectacle of horredy (Horr0r-Comedy) is over I'm pretty bored. Only one super-quiz and a class to do anything AND I'M GOOD FOR THE DAY.
AL12GAMER out....

The EASIEST Linux Distro!!!

gOS Gadgets is- in my opinion the easiest operating system of Linux to use. Yea, I could write an essay on my opinion but I'd rather just create a short Blog post.
What they generally mean by "Linux for the rest of us" is the fact that most people that use Linux computers or Vista simply because they have it. Most people are fine with thier operating systems even though they don't know much about them. Well, the company gOS created a distrobution of the Linux operating system that is- as the quote states- for the rest of us. Trust me, even though I've had little hands-on experience with this and have just seen what people have done with it, this is not for the HARDCORE computer users like Nerds or Techies or Photoshoppers. Even though gOS gadgets comes with features like Wine- the ability to play Windows games like World of Warcraft and emulate other popular Microsoft applications- and Mozilla Prism- you can install iGoogle gadgets to your desktop and make other online apps into programs on your desktop- and many more other amazing devices, there's no real OPERATING SYSTEM or File Manager to explore. So, for those of you that like to modify settings and screw with your computers' interface, this is surely not your crown jewel.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh the weather outside is AWESOME

Oh how I wish it would snow more.

Well, my only technology to report of today is my school laptop.
I figured I would, you know, start a OneNote Sharing Session with my friend Nathan to- of course- study for math.

Well, now I'm stuck without exam notes, but you know, it's all good. I luckily thought ahead to put the paper copies of all my TODAY exam notes in a folder that could slip into my laptop case.

Yea they fit, though the folder's metal clip kind of scratches up the back of the Tablet PC's screen.

So, at the moment, I finished my Algebra Exam about 5 minutes ago. Luckily school doesn't let out until I want it to- just kidding, We get out at 11:00am if weather allows and most of these guys will get home at 3:00 if buses come at 2:00pm.


That test was kinda hard, giving the fact that Ionly had a paper copy of my notes but still pulled off an a grade!!! My School laptop apparently won't connect to Google Talk Labs Edition at school though. Well, ttats pretty much all for now. Still wanting an Eee PC, I find myself at a spending-halt until I can earn ANYTHING. Goodluck to all the rest of you who are also sharing my pain in exams. I'm going to work on my Ultima Essay Now….. SEEYA!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dad und Alex card

Who agrees that this is a great card? Lol. I made this card with a go.pc screenshot and a picture of my dad and I from last summer's trip to Germany. Although I look a lot different now, this sure brings back great memories. My father is fond of using computers and his Blackberry: World Edition for a lot of stuff, as I am fond of the organizational, entertainment, multimedia, management, and blogging/portable uses of Technology today. Of course the wonderful Photo-editing products Photoshop CS4 and GIMP along with music editing program WavePad Master and many other useful gadgets may be used/evaluated by me on a regular basis, the free stuff OF THIS WORLD continues to amaze me. For crying out loud, A COMPANY SPENT A LOT OF TIME, MONEY, AND EFFORT TO CREATE A FULLY-INTERNET-BASED AND RUN-FROM-THE-INTERNET OPERATING SYSTEM CALLED iCloud!!!!! Wow, this technology-enhanced world of ours never ceases to amaze me. Especially the fact that people- maybe even the company that made Go.Pc- are helping kids in underdeveloped countries get a better education by giving them laptops called XO PCs. Well, back to my original point, yes- I did have fun recreating a photo mainly for the purpose of facilitating my dad's happiness for the time being or for suprising him with an AL-created photo for his birthday. I love my dad and, as you can see in this photo, would gladly share my talents with him or anybody who asked of me to create a techology-only work of art.

My dream-priced Dell Mini 9



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sn FG10 12/4/2008

Exam Week

Oh lord, I hate exams.. Ihave about 5 or 6 exams this week. I have a 3rd-period-A-day exam tomorrow. Wonderful. Hey at least Moeller's exams are spread out. Lakota probobly has maybe all 8 exams in one day. Well, not that I hate my old Lakota schools, I just wasn't as into it and Lakota surely doesn't have a very friendly school. The teachers there are mad at the kids (mainly in junior high and up) most of the time and I have had bad experiences in which my friends got in trouble. I would have friends who- not among my knowledge though- would just get in trouble to come to class.....

Uh, now the dudes in my mentor group are talking about details from video games. Our house dean came in and asked what games the guys were playing and they compared scores. RIGHT AFTER HE CAME IN, everbody starts talking about video games nonstop. Great.
Lol. First, studying, then Bloging, then talking about video games, and NOW talking about internet comics? What the hell man? Well, there's my wierd-ish group of guys in a study hall for ya. yea, I'm addicted to blogging even if I might not have anything to talk about, but SO WHAT???
Now they're talking about super smash bros. and throwing controllers at each other- Ok now Shane and Dave are talking abbout Pokemon on the first Game Boys....... Wow. Ok.
Al12Gamer out


Go to thier website at BassNectar if you want to read more about them. (Yes thier site is unblocked at Moeller)
This band is mainly a techno-ish band. Thier music is a mix of up-beat bass twists and pumps, long with background made-from-scratch, and hip-hop lyrics most of the time. For mosst people who visit this website, you'll see that I have thier music in my background. I love thier music and it seems that thier name, BASS-NECTAR, always proves itself in thier music.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mythology continued....

Ok. lol. Now that I have your undivided attention- had a little "Kelly" moment there with the soda- I would like to tell you about a book I'm reading in English Class.
I don't bother to tag my posts since there aren't really that many and because nobody, unless mentioned in comments by someone other than Unionhawk, cares that much about this blog.
Mythology of the Greeks: MYTHOLOGY, Timeless tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton is the wonderful book I'm currently reading. After finding out how Earth and Heaven bore the Mortals from the deaths of all the monsters and after the tales of the Titans, I was sure that it would end somewhere. Apparently not so, my jolly scholar!!! There are still more laughs and cries to be had with more tales of Dionisys and Demeter, and the adventures of Jason & The Argonauts. The Argonauts are other adventurers who also boarded the same Argo ship that Jason guided. Here's a brief summary of this story- remember to give me credit if you use this on a report- Jason, the son of a King named Phrixus is secretly hidden until another nastier king arises. This king, named Pelias, was warned by an oracle of the boy who would eventually lead to his downfall as king. Pelias saw the man who said, "...they call me by the name of Jason". Pelias at once told of how Phyrixus' bidding was to bring the Golden Fleece that rescued him at one time- back to the capital of the kingdom, so that his soul may be returned to his home. Jason was overwhelmed with joy at the idea of great adventure. He made his name known throught Greece for the journey he was about to go on. Once many of the great adventurers- including Hercules and Orpheus- heard of him, they joined forces with Jason and boarded a ship that was called the Argo, therefore becoming the argonauts.
Many of these Argonauts were heroes that were courageous and fearless in the face of death and damnation. Most of them wanted to drink with thier comrades the peerless elixir of valor. AND SO BEGAN THE ADVENTURES OF THE ARGONAUTS.

Thier first encounter was with some of the Harpies. After meeting an old man who was plagued by Zeus. the old man was gifted with the ability of Foresight and this displeased Zeus, who liked to wrap whatever he was doing in a cloud of mystery.
Every day the old man would be plagued by these vicious monsters and RIGHT BEFORE he ate, they would come down and eat ALL OF HIS FOOD. The Argonauts gave him food and this time when the Harpies came down, the two brothers (sons of the North Wind, Boreas) followed the Harpies away and would have slaughtered the bird-monsters completely if a rainbow messenger-goddess hadn't come down to tell them that these things would never harm or annoy the old man anymore.

After making it through the crushing rocks and the Symplegades like the old man told them to, these warriors of adventure set thier sights upon the city which help the Golden Fleece......
....After they had met with King Aetes and Cupid had shot the princess Medea in the heart with a quiver of love when she saw Jason. At that, they ate with the king and as jhe listened he didn't like them any more than Greeks liked foreigners. These heroes bargained that they would conquer his enemies or do anything he wanted from them in return for the Golden Fleece. Jason had to konquer two Bulls, plow a field with thier horns and then throw the teeth of a Dragon into the plows, from which a band of armed men would spring and then Jason would have to kill them too.
Jason did this, with the help of Medea's magic ointment which made anyone who wore it invincible for a day, and went off to get the Golden Fleece.
Jason and his band of heroes then went to the temple that held the Golden Fleece and the girl who fell in love with him lulled the serpent to sleep as they took the Fleece. Some say that- the king sent her brother after them- Medea struck him down and others say that he was killed by Jason when Medea told Apsyrtus that se would meet him under a tree.
That's all for now.


Uugghhhhh...... tooo late.....
Yes, I know how much of a "night owl" I am. Igo to bed at 10:30pm every school night and as of the moment I am drinking a Cola...
DAMn Just spilled it. Ok. Be back after I clean this up.

imeem is pretty kool

I don't really know if this will work on Moeller's FortiNet proxy, but there's no reason not to try it! is a fun place that is kind of like YouTube and iTunes rolled into one.
Note: You CAN use imeem- once you have an account- to add music functionality to your web site or blog!!


Just a small post...
Dear readers, here is an easyway to get more traffic on your site.
Two main ways:
1. Submit you blog or site to Google and add a Chatbox to yours.
2. Publicly advertise- mainly by word of mouth or email- and see how many people you can get to come to your website

UnionHawk's on the right path

That was pretty funny. As Evan (Unionhawk) said, "The election is less than a week away, (finally) and every politician is stealing every ad anybody offers, besides internet ads.".
I agree, although the fact that Mcain was buying ads for the posterboards in Madden NFL 2008 and 2007 football xbox 360 video games. That was hilarious. Haven't read about it yet? That's where our old friend Google comes in handy.


Aparrently this is exam week and I'm probobly screwed in terms of NERVES. Even though the A-Day, B-day thing is very helpful, I still need to study A LOT. The exams start on Wednesday and end on Friday. HAHA. luckily Moelle High School lets out at 11:00am- a or b day- during the Exams.
Let's discuss this in Comments. Anyone out there have issues with Exams
Do any readers of this exquisite Blog know any tips for preparing yourself for exams? I know I have to study for them, of course, but would anybody out there like to share mental-preparation tips? Moeller rocks, especially the Laptop Program. I love this school, but- as in most high schools- I have a lot of work to do. I'm pretty sure that we get more homework than Lakota H.S.s, since Moeller has many technology and literary clubs available and because of the many things we learn in a day. Since all moeller students spend around an hour or more in thier daily classes (3 classes on B days and 4 on an A day) we learn more and get more done, therefore we get more homework.
A horrible thing about the math classes here is the fact that we have to do a daily program called Cognitive Tutor that we can only log in to at school and in order to boost your Algebra grade, you need to do it at least 20 minutes a day. Remember, my fellow students, colleagues and techies, all this is coming from your average Moeller High School Freshman.
Visit our website at or look at my Moeller Technology Google Group at
If youare a fellow Moeller Student, email Alex S. at Moeller.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


From now on, my posts are copyrighted.
Creative Commons License
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Lol... I remember when my last blog ( was deleted because I tried to mess around with the HTML and work a Daft Punk background into it. Maybe I should do that on this one.......

Related to Wish List..

Yea, I wrote up that wish list about a month-or-whatever ago (Probobly around 11-27-08 if I'm guessing right)
Isn't it cute? Lol. As you can see, it was mainly meant for my mom and dad, but O WELL. Yea, The "Zipit wireless messenger" isn't really wanted anymore. I'd rather have either a Palm Centro phone or an Eee PC for my B-day. :)
(Posted on 12-14-08)


Alexander Seibenick's wish list for Christmas/birthday '08.


iKit pocket pc/Multimedia messenger

REALLY WANT!!!- Mylo (Version 2) Pocket internet Device

I want to Buy An XO Laptop (Give one Get one) For Logan


-= meine Eee (Easy for Every kind of Entertainment) EEE PC

The EVEREX Cloudbook. A new way to surf the internet on-the-go.

Mylo version 2 Personal Communicator (Another Place to purchase it)

HARD-TO-BREAK Nova™ Side Arm 2 (U.M.P.C. Ultra Mobile Personal Computer)


2nd Most Wanted Xbox 360 Game: ∞ UnDiScOvErY




Cheap wireless messenger ($50): Zipit - Z2 Wireless Messenger - Silver/Charcoal

The last thing on this list is a MAXIMUM Performance SD card (Makes computer faster OR stores files) of 16GB from Micro Center

YAY FOR PHOTOSHOP!!! This picture- as you can see in the background- was originally totally black and white. I had a little fun sprucing it up and coloring it in Intro To Computer Graphics class. (posted 11:04am)
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