Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freetime/Daily life

Even though I should have done it at home, I finished my math here at school. Now I'm- oddly- rembering all of the shortcuts that I know for Macs, Windows, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and OpenSolaris for some reason... I have too much knowledge of Operating Sytems out there if you ask me. Sometimes you just wish that your mind would stop wandering or AT LEAST SHUT UP so you could sleep, right? Not so with me. However, I'm sure there are many of you our there whose minds never stop thinking. I know it's annoying, join the club! lol. Well, now my bluetooth on my computer is on again and Tanner's retarded phone keeps on trying to connect to my computer and many guys are saying retarded things but still, that's daily life in School. Although it's odd at times, I love my school. Though I should probobly be blogging and writing DA journals in my freetime, it feels better to do it now. lol. -out-
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