Thursday, January 22, 2009


there are 3 types of the Cloud we hear a lot about. The first kind- that I've heard about- is the new browser/interface developed by for new linux computers and laptops. This is basically an internet browser- google chrome based- that your laptop boots to and it has internet applications in the dock at the bottom of the screen. The second cloud I know of is the COMPUTING cloud. newer technologies like iCloud, an ever--evolving computer over the internet, are in this category. Cloud computing- generally speaking- is basically one "computer" or desktop-looking service that you can access on the internet anywhere in the world. In your internet browser, you can view this FREE service, utilize it's unique XML-based applications how you see fit, create your own applications, and do many many things you usually do on a computer. This is almost-literally an over-the-internet computer.
The second type is something called Windows Azure which will allow you to host your own services and internet apps so many businessmen, clients, or customers can use them over the internet. These services allow us to "easily" distribute our apps and different products or services that are online-based to millions of customers and they can use them in thier internet browsers seamlessly. iCloud is sureley easier to use and more tuned towards us computer users, while Azure is just a basic networking Cloud to base your services or online projects on. The third kind of Cloud will be talked about in a later post.
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