Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Ball

Well, it didn't turn out AMAZING but it still was pretty fun. The Moeller Fall Ball was a blast although it left me quite tired. Evan brought his "ladyfriend" and I brought my BFF. She and I were going to eat at Red Robins and we had to wait for 15 minutes which was a pain in the arse. Afterwards, however, my mom picked us up (yes I'm a loser cuz I can't drive) and we went to the Fall Ball. There were many friends there as well as another BFF whose girlfriend broke up with him which must've sucked. A lot of my great Moeller friends showed up and I ran around talking to every one of them. It seems that everyone was having a great time except Wick H, since some [retarded] freshman put gum in his hair when he was dancing. I feel that frosh got what was coming to him, however. Anyway, it was an AWESOME event and who knows? MAYBE NEXT TIME I'll remember my camera.
A lot of my friends were cute with thier GFs dancing around together. Life rocks.
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