Friday, January 16, 2009

Resume.... lol

Woo hoo!!!
Haha. We have to do a Hercules Resume` in my English class. I love this class but sometimes Mr.G can throw something at you to do and you WON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HIT YOU.
Anyway, first person resume. Yes, it seems easy but it isn't always easy.
Oh yea, I remembered my old gaming website- don't know if it is blocked or not- and here it is: my DEVOID2 site.
I'll get back to all of you over the weekend. My motto of the day: "Life seems soo easy when the world stands still."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Linux Vs. Windows

Many people out there love Linux because of its ease of use, easy installation from a "Live CD", Linux also has many choices of distrobutions and specialized versions (different Linux OSes) that many creative users can choose from. However, Microsoft has always come up with the SAME interface over and over again, while making only ONE true version of thier Operating System and then specializing it for different uses. HOWEVER, since these are troubled economic times especially, Microsoft doesn't provide the developing community anything, no source. Microsoft= Closed Source, Linux= Open Source available to all people to develop an Operating System off of.
There will surely be more Linux-biased articles of this to come. STAY TUNED!!!

Help required

Any of you readers, can you help me? I just got Adobe Flash CS3 installed on my school computer- I could have done it myself, but the Help Desk guys have Admin- and I don't reallyknow what I'm doing. Photoshop and Bridge CS3 is simple but Flash is sort of impossible to the first-timer.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Just as a note to all who read this, NEVER GET CONFUSED ON WHAT DAY IT IS OR TIME WILL MAKE YOU PAY DEARLY. I almost forgot today was sunday and took too long of a break from the average school work. One good thing about Microsoft- Outlook is here to help and remind you!