Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm going with my friend nate to the park after school today to take some really neat pictures with our new cameras. Lol, we're going to be like two kids in a candy store.
This is going to be great fun.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lenovo X61 Issue

Today I helped a kid- lucky for him- even though I didn't do much, before he went down to the help desk.
It just so happens I work on the help desk during B3 (it was b1 when he went).
He was about to walk out the door when a sentence caught his attention, "I may help you, I also work on the Help Desk" from me. lol
Anyway, he walked over to my desk and I analyzed the problem. One or both of his internal antennae wires must be getting pinched, as his internet connection only stays on for a maximum of 2 minutes.
I emailed them the issue to help them so they wouldn't have to ask any questions as he walked down.
haha, then Mr.Kindt applauded me and said "yay! Hey, you tried.".
I love my teacher.
Our tablets are X61 Lenovo/IBM Tablets for anyone out there wanting to know.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Woo. I don't even know what to blog about. Creative, huh?
Some guys are talkingabout bodily hair, geico commercials and football players. wow. Welcometo my odd Mentor Group.
Micheal Puma will always bring entertainment to people's days. hahahahahaha


"we lost greg"
hahaha he mst'vebeen roaming the halls

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WOAH that was a lot

I think that was the most work that I've ever accomplished in a LONG time. 8 pages of non-stop LONG-ANSWER questions and other challenging things. Thank gGod its over.
I feel soo much better already.
World, beware of working alone- I've learned today that a partner is necessary

Eventually it shall

If you click the link on this title, you'll know what I'm mentioning.
Who agrees that Google Wave looks amazing? I do. Just like thier huge Google Chrome success, Google should probobly get an even larger following once Google Wave is available to the public. At the moment, I have word that it is only available to certain developers and mods that are working on extending its functionality and interconnecting it with blogging services and web games.
I'm sure Facebook might play a role in developing for Google Wave too, but it has been made clear that they won't share when the release will specificly be yet. Either way, hopefully Wave comes out within the same month as Google Chrome OS. I've been checking out Developer previews of that and it looks a tiny bit like gOS's Cloud operating system, though I'm sure it's all Google.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Owl City makes me high

Just listening to Owl City's music (like Early Birdie, This Is The Future and Strawberry Avalanche) gives me a happy feeling to brighten my day.
It just somehow seems that I always know that Adam Young's music is always there for me. Yes, it may seem that he's my "man-crush"- as I have been talking non-stop about his amazing music and electronic-enhanced beats and his soft airy- by airy, I mean soft but high at the same time- voice. I don't really have much to type about this, I just love his music and thought I could tell the world about an AMERICAN dance/electronic/pop artist that's out there!
Thank you iTunes free songs!


Ah, tomorrow is a nice relaxing school B-Day (aday, bday).
My religion teacher rocks. I'll be bringing in my advanced-amateur camera to school on wednesday. wootness. Also, those who feel that they have a question for me or an idea for me to blog about, feel free to discuss it!