Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have to wait until January for my Motorola DROID.
So I guess I'll probobly have more options next year when I choose a phone.
Whenever I think of Android, I think of the portable Terminal emulator that I'll be able to use ON A PHONE along with many of the other awesome linux-based activities I'm used to.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Linux users

Many new linux users out there GO TO MY KNOL and see some of the helpful resolutions to problems along with tips I have for new users. (yes this is a short blog post but it seems necessary as I see many new Linux users being discouraged by ignorant Windows users that they can't do the same things)

New Banner

Found another banner for Fedora Linux (Myfavorite distro of Linux)
Click the title to see it.


My teachers here rock. Haha. Mr.Kindt knows everything about star wars, Mr.Kohls always wins arguments, Mr.Kolkmeyer is young at heart, "Uncle Greg" and Mrs.Elliot are awesome, special and creative, and Mr.McLaughlin is hilarious.

Passion of Christ explanation

Remember the The Passion Of Christ movie? Here's something from
"Christ is coming back to establish his kingdom on earth and He is going to cast Satan into a bottomess pit for 1,000 years."
Remember the end of the movie when Satan was looking up and screaming? Exactly represented by that quote from the site. Although not thoroughly explained in the movie, this is a pretty fair explanation, agreed?