Friday, July 17, 2009

Ah, social networking

WOW. Twitter and facebook while multitasking and blogging can be quite fun.
Also, can anybody say "look how far we've gotten"?
The progress that we've made soo far in our lifetime with our technological advances- both in the internet and in physical consumer technologies- like the netbooks craze, The release of the amazing iPod Touch and the iPhone. We've also gotten quite far in terms of portable computer size and weight- especially weight, considering those old 20-pound, 19" screen behemoths hurt me side.
I've seen many advances in Google's company too, for instance thier new Chrome OS is sure to attract a lot of attention from Microsoft.... once its available.
Anyway, back to the reason why I titled this blog as I did- Mainly I was on twitter, updating my status and I saw that a couple of the trending topics had to do with technology, facebook and our economy. Usually when there's trending topics, something bad has happened- having to do with each of those topics. However, this time it just so happened that the one having to do with our technology is mainly from professional bloggers- using twitterfeed- who were talking about how we've gained such a strong foothold in the world's major powers, mainly through our use of techology. I can't remember what I read, or what time it was, but I do also know from personal experience that our country has gone through some rough AND righteous times and we've prevailed.
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