Friday, July 3, 2009

The argument will never die

Brought up by an anonymus persona again today, this argument will probobly never end.
Which is infinitely better: Windows or Open-Source GNU/Linux Operating Systems?
I'm sure both have their upsides or downsides and I'd love to elaborate but- as I have a social life to uphold at the moment- I don't have enough time.
I'm sure someone with a lot more freeeeeeee time like Unionhawk (Evan) would certainly love to explain his biased view on both, but seeing as he doesn't use Fedora Linux or OpenSolaris on a daily basis, I doubt that he could give a fair view.
He and I, though, should get together sometime and- when Google Wave is out- publish the conversation as a blog post.

ANyway, my family at the moment is noisely playing Canasta and I do believe that my Xbox 360 upstairs could be calling my name. Soo long and see you again, fellow bloggers!
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