Saturday, December 13, 2008

Girard rocks!!!!

MR.GIRARD'S CLASS ROCKS!!! He is the best teacher in the worl- mainly because he teaches to my learning style and he is a very-involved teacher. Unlike the last teachers I've had, this guy will help you when you need it most and also lets us use our Blogs!!! You can tell I have been kinda bored today, since I've posted many pictures from Picasa 3 and have posted A LOT, period!

Check out my Google Group!

My friend and I have created a Google Group a couple days ago, and it is mainy for those of you who are interested in Technology and/or going to Moeller High School.
Here's the link:
Join and be happy!

Google Android on Eee PCs? What has the world come to!!

Yes, it is true. Eee PCs will eventually lose thier Linux Operating Systems (NOOOOOO!!!!!) and thier Windows XP (YAY!!!!) to Google Android. Then again, this might not be true. TechRadar could be pulling our legs and just be joking. Then again, here's what I found:

Is Google Android coming to Eee PCs?

The recent announcement of new members to the Open Handset Alliance, those getting behind Google's Android platform, threw up some interesting names... not least manufacturers of netbooks.

There have been rumours of Android's Linux-based interface being converted to sub 10-inch screens for some time now, and Asus and Toshiba's presence hints at such.

The fact that most netbooks run on Linux already would be a significant plus too, as Google's Android OS is based on the same system.

Easy porting

Although Asus is also a noted manufacturer of handsets - both under its own name and for other brands - the rumours of a touchscreen Eee PC also mean that the Android OS could be fairly easily ported to the netbook model.

And the advent of 3G cards being embedded into the devices means the gap between high-powered smartphones and netbooks is coming down all the time as well.

Although it's unlikely to happen in the next year, Android's conversion to the netbook model would be a significant win for Google, which is rumoured to be looking at the PC OS space already.

WOO HOO!!!! iCloud is amazing!! No, this OPERATING-SYSTEM-TOTALLY-RUN-FROM-THE-INTERNET is not a product of Apple, but rather something thought up by Xcerion and this service provides you mainly everything you could ever need from windows Vista or "XP w/SP3" whenever you want it. You may log in to this whenever you want. As you may see in the above picture- which I took with my phone- I am on my personal out-of-beta ICLOUD account in my web browser. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!?? A whole computer that you can access anywhere for free (unless you want a ton of space its free) on your web browser! As of right now, though, they have only found it to work on Internet Explorer, but iCloud will eventually be accessible on FireFox, and many years later, Safari. To see a full review, click on the Xcerion link I have included above. Welcome to the new age of computers my fellow geeks, THIS IS WHERE WE RULE!!!!
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G.R.A.W. 2 ROCKS!!

I've been playing for a while and my XBOX 360 gamertag is a88SUPAKILLA. As of right now, I am offlline but you can always join my party in this game, F.E.A.R., Universe At War, or C&C 3: Kane's Wrath. Those are my most played games. HAPPY HUNTING, ALL YOU FELLOW GAMERS!!! (Really published at 4:20PM, Eastern Time)
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Yep. I did it. This photo may be really blurry, but if you can see it, I managed to get a compressed for-psp version of Windows Vista w/SP1 on my PSP. It works very well- even if it doesn't include Microsoft Office 2007 at all- and comes with a couple games. My favorite parts are the Internet Explorer and PSP Start menu. The PSP Start menu was created mainly for the use of all the other programs on this OS and links for I.E., though the Internet Explorer is I.E. and with a couple of firefox add-ins it works perfectly. Google "VISTA on PSP" if you want yo learn how to pull off this incredible feat by yourself. This was very easy (I did it last week in under 4 minutes) all you need is a 1GB or higher memory stick and a PSP-to-USB pag for your transfering. Happy modding!!

Photoshop Fun!

Woo Hoo!! One of my first creations on Photoshop (in my free time). That was a while ago though... Ah the good old days...
Wwell, surely Photoshop CS4 is wayyyy better than our school-edition CS1. Be back with more info later. hahaha, now I gotta get in the shower. Have fun PLAYING!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bless Me Ultima

Bless me Ultima is a great book. In many ways, Religion is the main concept. Many of the clashes- like when Antonio dreams of his brothers haunting him and asking, "I will wait until you lose your innocence" in one of the many dreams he experiences. Antonio is confused about the many types of "innocence" throughout that scenario- since Ultima tells him of the innocence of the land and Mary The Virgin tells the religious innocence of God, etc...- and all of the different perspectives of this "innocence" makes him insane throughout the struggle. Overcome by the many mysteries of this confusion, Tony falls ill. In his slumber, while ill, many different images from the past experiences came into his mind....
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Ultimate OS!!

Linux is the ultimate operating system!!! Ubuntu offers you many developer tools, Red Hat is the business specialist and PCLinuxOS is the more netbook-type and tower-pc type OS. Check out a full listing of these distros at