Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love music. Don't you? I truely do believe that the music you listen to and the environment around you can enhance or damage your views on art or how you create art. For example, if you just went parasailing (like I did) and want to now draw or photoshop up a drawing of water or the ocean, you'll have a good image to work with.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here's 3 questions for all of you out there to answer....
Why do you use M$ Windows?
Is it because it works?
Do you only use your computer for work and the internet?
I believe I use my computer for school and for movies (Hulu, since there is no CD/DVD drive in our tablets) as much as anyone else out there but I surely would love to have Elive ( or Fedora ( on it more than this shitty windows Vista operating system.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

For when you're bored

HELLO people out there!
I've found something for when you are bored!


Ah, how I hate that anxious sense of pending homework.
Things that you put off for a while and also those things you never want to do.
I'm probobly never going to fully enjoy this Spring Break until I finish it all.
However, there are always things that you could use as excuses, even though that wouldn't help me in any way....
by the way, on the 11-hour-seemingly-endless-at-the-moment car ride here I could had possibly done my homework even though I was too lazy. HAD A MOBILE BROADBAND CARD but didn't put it to the best use...

internet connections

OK! Never mind!
My last Tweet said how much I hated the internet here down in Florida (spring break) and it seems that we were connected to another place's network.
Now our hotel network's connection is back up and running. This is most likely because of the storm outside....