Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I should probobly stop saving all my good random picture-filled posts for the Collaboritive blog.
Oh well.
I had a great day at school even if it may sometimes be annoying to come home to a unending-nagger mom and a nonstop-rub-my-belly dog but things usually work out.
Note: I am not saying that my mom is horrible, I am just stating that no matter how much I love her and she loves me, it just seems a little bit annoying to have her nag me every day of my life.
By the way, I'm saving up for a Linux Netbook.
Readers, comment DELL for the first one or ACER for the second.

Dell- 4-cell battery, Ubuntu Linux or M$ XP, 64GB SSD (most expensive storage upgrade), Bluetooth, Wifi a/b/g, webcam.

Modified Acer Aspire one- 6-cell battery, no bluetooth but REALLY good wifi a/b/g reception. THIS ONE COMES IN BLUE. Also comes with choice of Ubuntu 8.10, Fedora 9 or 10, OpenBSD, Xandros, M$ XP, Red Hat and many more. Webcam also.
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