Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hp Slate vs iPad- this war is getting old

Yes, I know we're all tired of the bullshit copy-off companies that compare thier newest products to Apple's and I know Apple- since my birth, as far as i can remember- has been leading the technology and gadget-design industry forever.
Now when I see everyone happy for the HP Slate and booing on the iPad for no flash support, lets get one thing straight. You need to do your homework before you make retarded comments such as "It has flash! Definitely better than the iPad". The HP Slate is merely a non-convertible-tablet PC that runs a full install of Windows 7. The iPad runs a modified version of OSX Mobile.
Windows 7 IS A FULL OPERATING SYSTEM. OSX mobile IS NOT! So don't say that iPad sucks because it doesn't have flash or some of the things that the HP Slate has. The advertising video (on youtube as well) for the HP Slate also tricks the Dumb Users- nearly 90% of consumers who buy stuff after seeing an ad for it- into thinking it's better than the iPad because it can run Flash and all webcontent. The HP Slate is running on a full-fledged WINDOZE 7. It has windows 7, therefore it has flash. duh. If you didn't know that windows 7 wasn't capable of flash, you shouldn't own a PC. Apple has yet to unveil Flash on the iPad, yes, but that's because it's a mobile version of OSX and not a full-fledged Snow Leopard user.
I wish i could see more people put smarter comments on the biased HP Slate reviews by Engadget, Wired, PC World and TechRadar.
Let's face it, if you don't do a little background digging or learning about a computer or gadget before you buy it, that's an uneducated purchase. If you purchase the iPad without knowing anything about it- other that "dedede, it ain't got flash"- then that would be an uneducated purchase. If you purchase the HP Slate without knowing anything about it other than "that there tablet looks cool and has flash", that would be an uneducated purchase.
I just wish i could see the average American around here think more before they buy. That's the reason why moving to Europe looks appealing to me. I'd be in an informed-consumer country. :-) Good Day.