Thursday, April 2, 2009

Freedom of Communication

We should WAKE UP as citizens!!! Think of it!! You're all under control of the media!!! We see only what News Networks, governmentally-funded corporations and negativelly enhanced media want us to see. Worse yet, now our OWN GOVERNMENT is spying on US just to remain in power!! Freedom in the USA? more like supression! The government wants to stay in power and therefore they would most likely reject any ideas of internet-related reform. OUR internet? They think THEY own it!!!! The internet is a public acess area for anyone to freely express thier opinions, however, I think we're a long way off from fully using OUR internet network. LET'S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM OF COMMUNICATION!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's retarded how we have soo little access to anything at school. For english class I need to listen to my music and find the meaning of the songs but I CAN'T considering the facts that I forgot my iPod Touch and that Pandora is blocked. Many of the antiproxies are blocked too. I find it that they want to control SOO much of what we do, yet give the teachers and faculty access to everything!!!! Eventually an employee will feel sorry for us....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What I've really been wanting lately is a ThinkPad (the kind that the Seniors have at Moeller) and to install either Xubuntu or Fedora 10 on it. However, I am totally an all-out KDE fan, especially with the new release of PCLinuxOS 2008.11! Hmm, It seems my Xbox 360 and PC Video Gaming days are over.... Hello homework and Linux!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I would do if I had to give away a million dollars

I would give half of the million to O.L.P.C (One laptop per child) because I have believed in thier philosophy for providing children in developing countries with an education and a low-cost laptop for a long time. The other half would go to Linux Developers (mainly groups like Fedora, E-Live, and Linux Mint) so they can get an even better headstart on out-doing Microsoft's reign of evil. ...I really hate Microsoft and how they put thier OS users under THEIR power so we must use anything that ONLY works with windows and whenever we try to do something they don't like, like oh install Linux as a dual-boot system, they DON'Thave our backs. Ever heard of the shitty BSOD? yea, Linux & Macintosh users have never heard of it.