Saturday, April 24, 2010

oops. Moved

oops i forgot that this blog is moved.
ok then, to all new visitors, go to my 2-posts-ago mentioned tumblr


level 65 in WoW now woo hoo. last night i set up for a small PC gaming party and it was awesome. Can anyone (with LAN party experience) tell me how to set up a 10 person network? that would rock. Cheers

Monday, April 12, 2010

This blog is Moved

I've finally made a somewhat-important decision to move this to Tumblr. As cool as Blogspot is, its blocked at school, not available in some places and- although there's a TON of customization- not near as simple as Tumblr.
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moving to another

I may eventually move this blog to Tumblr. Any input?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

mods/hacks done or found by accident

lol. I learned a few things. Two of which aren't mods though.

  1. you can, if you wish, download the trial installer for WoW to a SSD, iPod or portable mp3 player and play it from there (I think the full installation of the Trial is around 3 to 5 gigs)
  2. ANDROID PHONES (ERIS, Droid, Devour, Hero, MyTouch, Cliq.....) CAN PLAY GBA GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look for GBAlite on the market if you want one for free. You actually CAN save your games, but only using the ingame saving methods- the full purchasable version can save it using the game or the menu. [not a mod, but a great necessity]
  3. The AT&T Backflip is sweet- so is the MotoDevour. Both can have GPS and/or live wallpapers hacked on as well.
  4. The iPad will take a longer time to jailbreak........buttheads
  5. This isn't a mod or a hack- but I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THE dotHack SERIES HAS BEEN RENEWED! .hack/xxxx

Moeller Art blog!

Art Guys, click the title of this post (on my blog) to have a look at the new art-dedicated blog made by our art teacher. Hopefully it will be unblocked during and after school so we can post and comment on it. Personally I like tumblr better for custom blogs, but hey this will work. WOOT

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Information Age

I just went on a Wikipedia/blog quest of my own. I started out at Telegraphy and ended up at sites with news about the Information Age. LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN DO TODAY!!! I know many of us teenagers who were born in the 90s take much of this stuff for granted, BUT LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN DO TODAY! COMPARE IT TO WHAT WE COULD DO IN THE 1980S AND 1970S!!!!!!! from 1990 to 2010, thats 20 YEARS OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT!!!!! A whole lot has changed since the year i was born it seems. A whole lot has been available at our fingers. These days you hear clueless teenagers and "reviewers" expecting technologies to do more than what they were originally meant for, not once looking back on the days of the past. Remember when cellphones weren't social media or document-editing devices and all they did was make calls? Remember when computers edited documents and modified file systems? Remember when Dungeons and Dragons was the most epic game ever, before the internet and the invention of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft? Remember when Warcraft I was the best RTS game of the century? Remember DOOM? Remember the first computer hand-made by Apple? If you can't remember any of those days, it is because you either don't care about events of the past or haven't looked upon them.
We've made some huge advancements in technology that make information extremely accessible these days, and I suggest we all ponder these advancements and how they came to be. Freedom has its benefits.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hp Slate vs iPad- this war is getting old

Yes, I know we're all tired of the bullshit copy-off companies that compare thier newest products to Apple's and I know Apple- since my birth, as far as i can remember- has been leading the technology and gadget-design industry forever.
Now when I see everyone happy for the HP Slate and booing on the iPad for no flash support, lets get one thing straight. You need to do your homework before you make retarded comments such as "It has flash! Definitely better than the iPad". The HP Slate is merely a non-convertible-tablet PC that runs a full install of Windows 7. The iPad runs a modified version of OSX Mobile.
Windows 7 IS A FULL OPERATING SYSTEM. OSX mobile IS NOT! So don't say that iPad sucks because it doesn't have flash or some of the things that the HP Slate has. The advertising video (on youtube as well) for the HP Slate also tricks the Dumb Users- nearly 90% of consumers who buy stuff after seeing an ad for it- into thinking it's better than the iPad because it can run Flash and all webcontent. The HP Slate is running on a full-fledged WINDOZE 7. It has windows 7, therefore it has flash. duh. If you didn't know that windows 7 wasn't capable of flash, you shouldn't own a PC. Apple has yet to unveil Flash on the iPad, yes, but that's because it's a mobile version of OSX and not a full-fledged Snow Leopard user.
I wish i could see more people put smarter comments on the biased HP Slate reviews by Engadget, Wired, PC World and TechRadar.
Let's face it, if you don't do a little background digging or learning about a computer or gadget before you buy it, that's an uneducated purchase. If you purchase the iPad without knowing anything about it- other that "dedede, it ain't got flash"- then that would be an uneducated purchase. If you purchase the HP Slate without knowing anything about it other than "that there tablet looks cool and has flash", that would be an uneducated purchase.
I just wish i could see the average American around here think more before they buy. That's the reason why moving to Europe looks appealing to me. I'd be in an informed-consumer country. :-) Good Day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cincinatti 3g down for VZW customers

I hear that 3G service is temporarily down in the Cincinatti area. I myself have experienced NO 3G connectivity AT ALL today, so I'm pretty sure the rest of you are feeling it too. If only there was something about it in the news or something....

Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm tired........ however I'm no longer addicted to WoW and I love my religion teacher's class.
That's about it for today.
Gamer Out

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Rant Agreement

This is part of a rant at "We have a tool user community who expects all tools to be 'dumbed down' to the lowest level. We used to say making a tool foolproof would create a tool only a fool would want to use." This supports my opinion that the average computer user these days doesn't know anything about thier computer. Don't let the blind lead the blind! Think about your request for a "simple" technology before you blab it out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lifehacker: When It Doesn't Pay To Be Google's Guinea Pig

I agree with this rant. It sounds nearly exactly like something I would come up with.
Therefore, this blog post is merely showing you all it.
Very nice, lifehacker, verynice.
              Click the title of this post to get there.

My thoughts on the Devour

I can see that the Motorola Devour- appearing in Best Buy tomorrow for $100 on a Verizon contract- would be an instant hit with teens and those of us who love to be connected to social networks and other services 24/7. However, as cool as the MOTOBLUR distrobution of Android seems- it does NOT have the advantages of the Droid's 2.0 or the Nexus One's 2.1 . I like being able to modify my device's software in any direction I want- and having the ABILITY to do so- however MOTOBLUR's Android 1.6 does not have as many of the apps or mods available to it as my Droid's plain install of Android 2.0...... This may very well be my opinion or any of my readers', but one thing is for sure, that new aluminum casing is just groovy. I like how it feels in the hand and how snappy- responsive- the slider works. However, as I have stated before on facebook, I will stick with my Droid as long as I can. We're eventually getting the Android 2.1 OTA update anyway :).
Here's the link for Engadget's review of the Devour-

(Edit)- Sorry for the confusion I may have caused, the Motorola  Devour will cost $100 and will require a $30 data plan from Verizon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updated Knol

I added a new section to my P.E.F.T. knol and edited some of theother sections, for any of those interested.
Click the title of this post for the site.

Monday, February 1, 2010

iHave an iDea

Nate and I are thinking of getting iPads this summer, jailbreaking them and using them as if they're our new iPods. I'll try to report the status of this gadget occasionally once i get it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's Tablet and their influence on the market

Yep, thats the next thing the Media focuses on. Google News is also fired up with articles about Apple's new product that has been awaited and rumored for ages. Apple HAS always been the company to come out with the leading technologies (not just iPods) and designs for consumer computing. As I can recall, their titanium Powerbook G4 made quite an impact back in the day, just as the redesigned Macbook, Mac Mini and 27"-screen iMac are making an impact on the market today. I don't even own a Mac, yet I know Apple has always been the leader in designing computers. That is exactly why other "copy-cat" companies (which I will not mention because they are too pitiful to mention) copy computer designs off of Apple so their computers look similar to the popular Macs and are quite cheaper. Most of these companies just slap a Windows OS on those faketops and call them a Bargain, while copying Apple's design. When I go to college, I'm definitely going to purchase a Macbook Pro from THE company that is leading in this industry and not copying off any other designs. Those other fools.
Any way, I'm not so much against windows as I am the companies that slap it in apple-design-mocking laptops. I kinda like Windows 7 for gaming though. I only use it for gaming, for that matter. I still hate the fact that many companies like to "customize" Windows 7 on thier computers. This happened with Vista too. Companies (that I know of and have had experience dealing with, but will not advertise here) would just literally install thier own bullshit programs that just slow down the computer- needless webcam programs, Skype is better, needless advisory programs, who cares? and other companies' ideas of a useful program- and make it actually more difficult to use. Most simple computer users these days who don't get to know thier technology or don't know anything about it when they purchase it- just want to use them for internet, which is what netbooks are for, and don't even realize it's the companies' faults for putting extra crap on thier computers that's slowing them down.
Another reason to buy from Apple- They ARE the only company that creates Macs and they don't add any extra useless, third-party branded programs that screw up the computer.
There is my rant for the day, I feel better now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tech Lineup

I love the portable technologies that I own.
Tablet- 2gb RAM, 1.60ghz processor (Intel core 2 duo), 120gb hard drive at 5400rpm, Windows Vista Business
Laptop- 4gb RAM, 2.4Ghz Processor (AMD Turion 2 Ultra), 500gb Hard Drive at 7200rpm, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Netbook- 1.5gb RAM, 1.60Ghz processor (Intel Atom n270), 150gb Hard Drive at 5400rpm, Fedora Linux version 10
then the mobiles:
Palm Centro, Motorola Droid, PSP-1000, Nintendo DS (original), iPod Touch (1st gen, 8gb)

I have a wide range of access and things to try
I'm admin on the netbook and laptop. The Tablet is my school computer.

I may recieve an old 1st-factory-week Xbox Original from a friend though and will modify it into a Linux Desktop:)

Tech Use

I wish more highschools would start using technology. I mean ours and St.Ursula are the only high schools that I know of that give the Students thier own computers and allow them to access technology. I know the future will totally be technology based and see the way some schools teach (stone-age writing utencils and books, no tech whatsoever) and believe that those schools will never truely succeed unless the kids WANT to be there, ACTUALLY LIKE school, and are TAUGHT WITH THE FUTURE IN MIND. If I school doesn't have any of the Jesuit or Marianist traits in teaching, in my opinion of course, I see that it may fall to the wayside. Yes, it will exist, but they won't be teaching with the future in mind and will be technologically outdated.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


once again i was looking at linux equipped laptops just for the heck of it and realized that i already have a great quality hp entertainment laptop that haS a 17.3" screen and a classic Acer Aspire One netbook. of course the laptop has Windows 7 and the netbook has good old Fedora 10 (installed via me).
i should only look at those things if i am to do reviews....


this mobile blogging app is great. too bad it took me like 5 minutes to remember my password. epic fail

Monday, January 11, 2010

Good old timewasters

Don't you guys out there love time wasters like the daft punk keyboard music mixers?
There's always something great to do to waste your time (Besides WoW) at any moment. But hey, if you kill time, you kill time.


Well I finally got the Motorola Droid. I won't post any specifications yet as I have not had it for long. I will agree with gabe that the default facebook application js garbo and won't even do chat or tag photos like the ipd touch version will, so I'll have to find a way to replace or fix that.
I love the Droid so far (1.8 days I've had it so far) and it's a great 8gb-bigger-than-my-ipod Mp3 player alternative as well as a great utility to get things done (with docs to go by dataviz).
I do believe Google should make an intuitive, editing-capable Google Docs app for thier own Android OS though, it would seem natural. The WoW character stat checker and realm checker does come in handy as well as the Astro file browser, Pandora internet radio, Seesmic for Android, and mobile. If you want to use it as a mobile mp3 but don't want to buy new mp3s from itunes, you can easily sync it like an ipod with doubleTwist ( db auto-detects your iTunes library and all the movies, music and pictures in it. Then you can use those items in that library on any device (blackberry, android, windows mobile, nokia, etc) and it will automatically convert the iTunes formatted (DRM or non-DRM) movies and music and copy them to the device.
The Droid rocks. Did i mention that yet?


Yes, I know that I don't really keep this blog up to date but I'm not really a totally-consistent blogger, now am I? Anyway, a fellow geek-turned-kinda-blogger Gabe is starting his own blog now and I have found the inspiration to start writing again.
Let's start this post with something thats not even tech or book related shall we?
What is your personal definition of Inspiration? Where do your opinions take you in your life? Could your emotions or lifestyle have an effect or limitation on what your inspirations are?