Friday, July 17, 2009


Dad said to me one day- probobly to just be funny- "One day you'll wish that you were as philosophical as your father, son". lol
Probobly. However, considering the circumstances that many of my facebook posts AND the ways that I think of things today are "up there" when compared to many other teens- most who are immature still. I think of this earth as only one stepping stone for life. We think that we are HUGE and important here on our one tiny planet, however, we are nothing compared to the vast galaxy out there.
I may wish that I'm as philosophical as you dad? Maybe I'm already on my way.
Then again, seeing as how many of the family members on my dad's side of the family are creative, artistic, spiritual and deep-thinkers, I do believe that I'm destined for greatness like many of them. :) We'll see how far I get throughout life.
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