Friday, March 20, 2009

Ode to the music

By Alex Seibenick

Flowing around you, it blows through your hair.

Feel the bass pump around you, feel the music and be one with the music.

Techno and Dance are just a few wide genres of the melodies that you see.

Amazed at the wonderous ecstasy that is all around you, colors are melding into the liquid blend of beat and rhythm.

At last, peace drifts over you and the music swirls around you like the moist fog of the early morning when the sun rises over the horizon.

Grasp the scents of vanilla, combining with the sweet fragrance of roses as you drift into the void of everlasting happiness while dancing your heart out to the mystic beats of the DJ.

Growing hotter and hotter, the light waves melt into the sound as your grip with reality loosens.

Colors swerve into waves, your passion for dancing grows even tighter. Nothing else, dance or die are the only choices as stopping would upset the momentum.

With the change of the tempo, the beat slows down and as the next song comes on you begin to gravitate towards the speakers and your vision blurs.

Like a drunk trying to find his way home, you stumble off of the stage and begin to wonder how you fell under the music's spell.

Usually resisting the temptation to let loose, you gather yourself and get back on stage just as the song ends.

Even the strongest wills can be easily broken. As the music begins again and you feel the beautiful, intoxicating, exhilarating mist of colors and sound drown out everything else you realize what's happened.

But it's too late.

You're consumed.

Every day of your life since then, you miss those beats and those feelings.

Society has changed you and you're no longer that fun loving human based upon music that you once were.

Sorrow as deep as the Pacific Ocean fills your heart, as you miss those glory days of the ecstasy you felt during the dance clubs at night.

No longer are you happy, sitting at your desk and staring into the monitor of your Sony VAIO.

While daydreaming of your past life, your son comes up to you.

Finally it is time. Maybe your children can relive that life.

Let the beat take you

As the beat goes on.

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