Thursday, December 18, 2008

The EASIEST Linux Distro!!!

gOS Gadgets is- in my opinion the easiest operating system of Linux to use. Yea, I could write an essay on my opinion but I'd rather just create a short Blog post.
What they generally mean by "Linux for the rest of us" is the fact that most people that use Linux computers or Vista simply because they have it. Most people are fine with thier operating systems even though they don't know much about them. Well, the company gOS created a distrobution of the Linux operating system that is- as the quote states- for the rest of us. Trust me, even though I've had little hands-on experience with this and have just seen what people have done with it, this is not for the HARDCORE computer users like Nerds or Techies or Photoshoppers. Even though gOS gadgets comes with features like Wine- the ability to play Windows games like World of Warcraft and emulate other popular Microsoft applications- and Mozilla Prism- you can install iGoogle gadgets to your desktop and make other online apps into programs on your desktop- and many more other amazing devices, there's no real OPERATING SYSTEM or File Manager to explore. So, for those of you that like to modify settings and screw with your computers' interface, this is surely not your crown jewel.
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