Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exam Week

Oh lord, I hate exams.. Ihave about 5 or 6 exams this week. I have a 3rd-period-A-day exam tomorrow. Wonderful. Hey at least Moeller's exams are spread out. Lakota probobly has maybe all 8 exams in one day. Well, not that I hate my old Lakota schools, I just wasn't as into it and Lakota surely doesn't have a very friendly school. The teachers there are mad at the kids (mainly in junior high and up) most of the time and I have had bad experiences in which my friends got in trouble. I would have friends who- not among my knowledge though- would just get in trouble to come to class.....

Uh, now the dudes in my mentor group are talking about details from video games. Our house dean came in and asked what games the guys were playing and they compared scores. RIGHT AFTER HE CAME IN, everbody starts talking about video games nonstop. Great.
Lol. First, studying, then Bloging, then talking about video games, and NOW talking about internet comics? What the hell man? Well, there's my wierd-ish group of guys in a study hall for ya. yea, I'm addicted to blogging even if I might not have anything to talk about, but SO WHAT???
Now they're talking about super smash bros. and throwing controllers at each other- Ok now Shane and Dave are talking abbout Pokemon on the first Game Boys....... Wow. Ok.
Al12Gamer out


  1. Take the 'very' out of the "very friendly school," and you're good