Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dad und Alex card

Who agrees that this is a great card? Lol. I made this card with a go.pc screenshot and a picture of my dad and I from last summer's trip to Germany. Although I look a lot different now, this sure brings back great memories. My father is fond of using computers and his Blackberry: World Edition for a lot of stuff, as I am fond of the organizational, entertainment, multimedia, management, and blogging/portable uses of Technology today. Of course the wonderful Photo-editing products Photoshop CS4 and GIMP along with music editing program WavePad Master and many other useful gadgets may be used/evaluated by me on a regular basis, the free stuff OF THIS WORLD continues to amaze me. For crying out loud, A COMPANY SPENT A LOT OF TIME, MONEY, AND EFFORT TO CREATE A FULLY-INTERNET-BASED AND RUN-FROM-THE-INTERNET OPERATING SYSTEM CALLED iCloud!!!!! Wow, this technology-enhanced world of ours never ceases to amaze me. Especially the fact that people- maybe even the company that made Go.Pc- are helping kids in underdeveloped countries get a better education by giving them laptops called XO PCs. Well, back to my original point, yes- I did have fun recreating a photo mainly for the purpose of facilitating my dad's happiness for the time being or for suprising him with an AL-created photo for his birthday. I love my dad and, as you can see in this photo, would gladly share my talents with him or anybody who asked of me to create a techology-only work of art.

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