Monday, December 15, 2008


Aparrently this is exam week and I'm probobly screwed in terms of NERVES. Even though the A-Day, B-day thing is very helpful, I still need to study A LOT. The exams start on Wednesday and end on Friday. HAHA. luckily Moelle High School lets out at 11:00am- a or b day- during the Exams.
Let's discuss this in Comments. Anyone out there have issues with Exams
Do any readers of this exquisite Blog know any tips for preparing yourself for exams? I know I have to study for them, of course, but would anybody out there like to share mental-preparation tips? Moeller rocks, especially the Laptop Program. I love this school, but- as in most high schools- I have a lot of work to do. I'm pretty sure that we get more homework than Lakota H.S.s, since Moeller has many technology and literary clubs available and because of the many things we learn in a day. Since all moeller students spend around an hour or more in thier daily classes (3 classes on B days and 4 on an A day) we learn more and get more done, therefore we get more homework.
A horrible thing about the math classes here is the fact that we have to do a daily program called Cognitive Tutor that we can only log in to at school and in order to boost your Algebra grade, you need to do it at least 20 minutes a day. Remember, my fellow students, colleagues and techies, all this is coming from your average Moeller High School Freshman.
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  1. Several typographical errors, as well as spelling. Use spell checker before you post.

    I prepare for my exams by not studying. It's seriously more effective for me.