Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tech Lineup

I love the portable technologies that I own.
Tablet- 2gb RAM, 1.60ghz processor (Intel core 2 duo), 120gb hard drive at 5400rpm, Windows Vista Business
Laptop- 4gb RAM, 2.4Ghz Processor (AMD Turion 2 Ultra), 500gb Hard Drive at 7200rpm, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Netbook- 1.5gb RAM, 1.60Ghz processor (Intel Atom n270), 150gb Hard Drive at 5400rpm, Fedora Linux version 10
then the mobiles:
Palm Centro, Motorola Droid, PSP-1000, Nintendo DS (original), iPod Touch (1st gen, 8gb)

I have a wide range of access and things to try
I'm admin on the netbook and laptop. The Tablet is my school computer.

I may recieve an old 1st-factory-week Xbox Original from a friend though and will modify it into a Linux Desktop:)
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