Monday, January 11, 2010


Well I finally got the Motorola Droid. I won't post any specifications yet as I have not had it for long. I will agree with gabe that the default facebook application js garbo and won't even do chat or tag photos like the ipd touch version will, so I'll have to find a way to replace or fix that.
I love the Droid so far (1.8 days I've had it so far) and it's a great 8gb-bigger-than-my-ipod Mp3 player alternative as well as a great utility to get things done (with docs to go by dataviz).
I do believe Google should make an intuitive, editing-capable Google Docs app for thier own Android OS though, it would seem natural. The WoW character stat checker and realm checker does come in handy as well as the Astro file browser, Pandora internet radio, Seesmic for Android, and mobile. If you want to use it as a mobile mp3 but don't want to buy new mp3s from itunes, you can easily sync it like an ipod with doubleTwist ( db auto-detects your iTunes library and all the movies, music and pictures in it. Then you can use those items in that library on any device (blackberry, android, windows mobile, nokia, etc) and it will automatically convert the iTunes formatted (DRM or non-DRM) movies and music and copy them to the device.
The Droid rocks. Did i mention that yet?
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