Saturday, December 13, 2008

WOO HOO!!!! iCloud is amazing!! No, this OPERATING-SYSTEM-TOTALLY-RUN-FROM-THE-INTERNET is not a product of Apple, but rather something thought up by Xcerion and this service provides you mainly everything you could ever need from windows Vista or "XP w/SP3" whenever you want it. You may log in to this whenever you want. As you may see in the above picture- which I took with my phone- I am on my personal out-of-beta ICLOUD account in my web browser. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!?? A whole computer that you can access anywhere for free (unless you want a ton of space its free) on your web browser! As of right now, though, they have only found it to work on Internet Explorer, but iCloud will eventually be accessible on FireFox, and many years later, Safari. To see a full review, click on the Xcerion link I have included above. Welcome to the new age of computers my fellow geeks, THIS IS WHERE WE RULE!!!!
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  1. You know you can change the posting time of your post when you're writing. Its at the bottom on the link 'post options'.

  2. Gamertag Ultra Magnus soon as I get my 360 back...