Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yep. I did it. This photo may be really blurry, but if you can see it, I managed to get a compressed for-psp version of Windows Vista w/SP1 on my PSP. It works very well- even if it doesn't include Microsoft Office 2007 at all- and comes with a couple games. My favorite parts are the Internet Explorer and PSP Start menu. The PSP Start menu was created mainly for the use of all the other programs on this OS and links for I.E., though the Internet Explorer is I.E. and with a couple of firefox add-ins it works perfectly. Google "VISTA on PSP" if you want yo learn how to pull off this incredible feat by yourself. This was very easy (I did it last week in under 4 minutes) all you need is a 1GB or higher memory stick and a PSP-to-USB pag for your transfering. Happy modding!!
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