Sunday, December 28, 2008

Battlefield:Bad Company

Anyone ever heard of Bad Company the artists? Well now they've got a game out called Battlefield: Bad Company. BF: B.C. was created by DICE and E.A. who both implemented the Frostbite gaming engine into this amazing new FPS for the xbox 360. From all the games DICE has made for the computer- BF 1942, BF 1942: road to rome, BF: Vietnam, BF 2142 and BF: Secret Weapons of WWII- they genuinely wanted to do something completely different for the 360. I can mainly realize this in the Graphics and CAMPAIGN improvements. In many of the other Battlefield games, there was either little or no Campaign mode whatsoever. For hardcore gamers who enjoy a cutscene here or there and love destructible terrain, this is a great game. I love it mainly because of the wonderful guns. My favorites being the Dragonov SVD- easy and deadly in real life AND in video games- and some shotgun. Yea, I forget the name of the shotgun.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm setting up wireless networking on my Home PC (FOR THE 5TH +++++++ TIME) and seeing if I can get it to recover from it's new-HDD-issues.
AL12GAMER out.
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